Fiesta ST MK8 Panel Filter - Pipercross

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Fiesta ST MK8 Panel Filter by Pipercross

The Panel Filter for the Fiesta ST MK8 is the latest addition to the air filters collection. The air filters job is to filter any unwanted substances from entering your engine along with the air. The air filter catches dust, insects, sand, and other small particles that may damage your engine.

The Pipercross Panel Filter is designed with triple layer foam that comes with every Pipercross Panel Filter. The outer core is coarse foam designed to trap larger particles, the middle core is Medium foam designed to trap most particles and the inner core is fine foam which will trap the remainder of the particles. The triple layer foam design ensures an exceptional level of engine protection in any condition.

Benefits of a Pipercross panel filter:

  • 30-40% more air flow over your OEM paper filter
  • Better for the environment (washable and reusable)
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Handmade in the UK

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