Focus ST MK4 Panel Filter - Pipercross

Focus ST MK4 Panel Filter - Pipercross

£41.99 inc. VAT £34.99 excl. VAT

The Pipercross Panel Air Filter for the Ford Focus ST MK4 is here!!

The Ford Focus ST MK4 Panel Air Filter by Pipercross is one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades you can make to your Focus ST. The Panel Air Filter is a direct replacement for the paper filter.

The Panel Air Filter is the best upgrade for improving your car's breathing capabilities. The standard filter is made from paper whereas the Pipercross filter is constructed using their trademark triple layer foam.

The Panel Filter improves airflow by around 40% over the OEM part allowing for better air intake and better filtration, preventing dust and sand build up in the engine protecting the health and longevity of the engine.

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