Ford-Fiesta-ST180-Air-Filter-Element-Genuine-Ford-OEM-Part Ford-Fiesta-ST180-Air-Filter-Element-Genuine-Ford-OEM-Part3 Ford-Fiesta-ST180-Air-Filter-Element-Genuine-Ford-OEM-Part2

Ford Fiesta ST180 Air Filter Element - Ford OEM Part

£19.99 inc. VAT £16.66 excl. VAT

Ford Fiesta ST180 Element Air Filter - Genuine Ford OEM Part.

This Air Filter Element is a genuine Ford OEM part that comes standard with all stock Fiesta ST180's. It is recommend that you change your air filter every 12,000 miles. This is because after a while the filter starts to get clogged and begins restricting the air flow into the intake system.

Correct engine maintenance such as replacing the Air Filter will ensure the best performance from your car. Fresh air filters provide the most efficient air flow to your engine, while protecting it from unwanted small particles such as sand and dust.

The panel filter is easily fitted and can be installed at home with no awkward tools required.

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