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Hyundai i20N

Garry is one of the lucky first owners of the award winning Hyundai i20N, having taken possession of the vehicle in October 2021!

It hasn't taken Garry long at all to begin his tuning journey with his new prized possession, taking his car to both Milltek Sport and AIRTEC for some performance upgrades. From Milltek, he purchased the stainless steel GPF Back Exhaust System and from AIRTEC, a new and improved induction kit along with their oil catch can kit. It's been a long time since Garry has modified one of his cars but he is extremely keen and excited to see where he can take this 1.6 litre engine!

Residing in Dumfries and Galloway in South Western Scotland, Garry has some heavenly driving roads and destinations right on his door step, the perfect environment to utilize this up and coming pocket rocket.

Hyundai i20N Performance Upgrades:

Hyundai i20N Engine Bay

Garry has big plans for his Hyundai i20N with an Intercooler and Quick Shift the next performance upgrades on his list. We are very much looking forward to seeing where Garry takes his car in the near future and we want to be with him every step of the way. So when he applied to become an VUDU Brand Ambassador we were more than happy to bring him on board.

You can follow Garry's i20N progress via his Instagram @garry_hyundai_i20n. You can also take advantage of Garry's personal discount code: GC5 for a discount on your Hyundai orders through VUDU Performance!

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