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Hyundai i20N Oil Catch Can - Airtec Motorsport

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Hyundai i20N Oil Catch Can - Airtec Motorsport

The all-new Hyundai i20N features a 1.6T direct-injection engine that produces an impressive 204BHP at stock. The downside to this is the direct injection style engine, despite their amazing efficiency and power ability. We have found that over time the intake inlet valves begin to form a build-up of carbon. Once the build-up has formed it can be a costly repair, and become a detrimental effort on the engine's performance.

The AIRTEC Motorsport Oil Catch Can kit is a preventative measure to this common issue. The Catch Can act as a filter to catch harmful contaminants before they reach the inlet system. The Catch Can feature an internal baffle that condensates the oil, catching the unwanted particles in the can to be later disposed of. It also features a dipstick that will allow you to correctly maintain the system, without having to second guess if it needs emptying.


- Internal baffle and dipstick

- Prevents carbon build-up forming within the engine

- Powder-coated black finish

- Billet machined bracket for sleek fitment

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