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BMW Remaps at VUDU Performance

Experience the coveted VUDU power on your BMW with our very own VUDU Remap Software!

Over the past few months we have been working tirelessly to continue our ongoing development work surrounding our very own BMW Software and tuning packages. Working alongside a large number of our fantastic suppliers, we have taken our VUDU BMW tuning packages to a level that has exceeded even our own high expectations!

A VUDU remap offers you an excellent opportunity to take your BMW to a level you’ve likely never experienced from a car before, with each remap offering vast enhancements to both the wheel horsepower and torque figures of the vehicle.

VUDU Stage 1 BMW M135i/M235i Remap:

The VUDU Performance VUDU Stage 1 Remap has been specifically designed for the BMW N55 engine, offering you a fine opportunity to stand out from the crowd and take your BMW 1 Series to that elite level. The VUDU Stage 1 software has quickly become an VUDU Performance best seller due to the recent volume of orders we've taken in the past 6 months.

STOCK: 301whp/306ftlb | VUDU Stage 1: 355whp/402ftlb

*Vehicle running ITG Panel Filter and Uprated Charge Pipe.

See the BMW M135i VUDU Stage 1 Remapping Package for yourself here.

M135i Remap

VUDU Stage 1 BMW M140i/M240i Remap:

Developed for a standard BMW 6 cylinder twin scroll turbo B58 powered vehicle with no additional hardware, our very own VUDU Stage 1 Software is capable of achieving some sensational gains in both the wheel horse power and torque figures.

Once the car had been flashed with our very own VUDU STAGE 1 Software, our M140i test vehicle achieved some sensational gains as quoted below:

STOCK: 336whp/389ftlb | VUDU Stage 1: 391whp/420ftlb

See the BMW M140i VUDU Stage 1 Remapping Package for yourself here.

VUDU Stage 2 BMW M135i/M235i Remap:

The VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software has been specifically designed for the BMW N55 engine, offering you an excellent opportunity to progress from our VUDU Stage 1 remap software. You can see the huge difference in results compared to the Stage 1 below:

STOCK: 301whp/306ftlb | VUDU Stage 2: 383whp/471ftlb

*Vehicle running ITG Panel Filter, Uprated Charge Pipe and Cobra Decat.

See the VUDU Stage 2 Remapping Package for yourself here.

VUDU Stage 1+ BMW M3/M4 Remap:

The BMW S55 engine is no slouch but for those wanting to increase performance our VUDU Stage 1+ software is the perfect upgrade for you.

Developed in house on our 2015 BMW F82 M4 demo we have been able to increase the performance whilst retaining the OEM driving experience. Designed to work with shell Vpower or Tesco 99 we have found the increase in performance transforms the way the S55 performs overall.

STOCK: 380whp/409ftlb | VUDU Stage 2: 460whp/494ftlb

See the VUDU Stage 1+ Remapping Package for yourself here.

BMW M4 Remap

VUDU Stage 1 Diesel BMW Model Remap:

Take your Diesel BMW Model up a gear with the VUDU Stage 1 Remapping Software from VUDU Performance!

If you are new to the tuning industry the VUDU Stage 1 Tuning Software is the perfect remap for you with premium power and torque gains achieved from the software alone.

STOCK 125d model: 218whp/320ftlb | VUDU Stage 1: 270whp/369ftlb

See the VUDU Stage 1 Diesel Remapping Package for yourself here.

When purchasing a VUDU BMW remap from VUDU Performance, we will be able to run the vehicle up on our in-house dynapack to test the maximum output before and after we flash on the software. Our Dynapack couples directly to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load. This method of direct coupling, plus its built-in strength, results in a huge number of benefits over a rolling road, including better accuracy, enhanced control and sensitivity and greater speed.

Please Note:

  • Figures as on all ECU remaps will differ due to hardware that is already fitted to the BMW model, this means that some models will make more power than others due to additional support modifications already fitted to the vehicle.
  • Each BMW remapping software has been specifically designed to run on 99 octane fuel. BMW models not running 99 octane fuel will not experience the huge gains you see listed.

Quote from VUDU Performance Sales Director, Nick Cook:

"It's extremely humbling to see the team rewarded with such fantastic software. I am truly excited to bring this latest software to the S55 M3/M4 market like we have previously with our Ford and VAG Tuning Packages. This is a major development for BMW owners looking for honest and reliable power increases in the UK."

Want to Learn More?

Please contact our team of BMW tuning experts at VUDU Performance for any additional information you require regarding any VUDU remapping software available for your BMW model. Our team will be more than happy to help with any questions that you may have.

Call or Email to discuss:
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