Electric Car Modification Myth Busted

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Tesla Model S

Electric car tuning and modifications are a hot topic in the automotive industry. As petrol heads turn from the internal combustion engine to an electric vehicle, the volume of demand for electric car tuning in the UK is soaring.

Let's face it, just because it's electric doesn't mean we don't want to tune it does it?

It's not uncommon to modify an electric vehicle 'EV', this is something people have been doing with multiple Tesla models with some great success. Naturally a modified Tesla was likely to be first seen due to the jump they initially got on the market with EV's in general. You must also consider that the Tesla battery pack and electric motors are some of the best developed available.

Below we have taken some constructive questions about electric car modification and summarised a set of answers from a professional tuning standpoint.

Can you remap an electric car?


This surely has to be Google's most searched question! Although some of the Tesla models are already astonishingly fast it's a given we always want to go faster or even invest in the lower spec model to then upgrade the car ourselves.

In theory a remap for an electric car like a Tesla is possible however there are some pitfalls that have yet to be ironed out before software is fully developed and available for the consumer market.

We have the possibility to communicate with the EV's on board electric motor controller, which is the equivalent of an ECU, this would be remapped on a combustion engine car.

An option available to increase power output would be adding more load to the battery cell. This will produce more power output but in turn will create heat and reduce battery life, how much by right now, no one knows. In extreme cases the extra heat created could increase potential of a fire or complete failure of the battery cell.

There are a handful of Electric Car tuning boxes available mainly from Steinbauer, which plug in and offer some fairly heavy increases in power output, although this will not allow the calibration to be fine tuned.

This also avoids any issues with over the air software updates which are regular from the likes of Tesla, this would ultimately write over any software flashed to the cars ECU.

There are also options of battery upgrades although this is not something we have experience with currently.

Electric Vehicle Braking Upgrades

Tarox Brakes

Naturally as part of electric car tuning you're going to need to make the car stop more efficiently. The braking system of an EV is typical of any petrol engined chassis so it has some fantastic upgrades available. An entry level brake disc and pad upgrade to a performance kit will provide more effective friction and therefore stop the car quicker. It will also improve the pedal feel and offer more performance for longer especially on the race track.

Upgraded stainless steel brake lines would be a fine additional option with better fluid to further improve this kit. The upgraded brake lines and brake fluid will further improve the pedal feel and allow heavy braking for longer periods.

Electric Vehicle Styling Kits

Tesla Model S Body Kit

As the range of electric powered cars grows, as does the the available parts, but these will take time to develop while we understand these electric motors some more. But styling kits such as front splitters and rear spoilers are easier to manufacture and some are already available for the popular Tesla models.

Maxton Design are usually at the front of the pack when it comes to developing styling products and already have a range of Tesla splitters available, alongside some other electric models such as the BMW hybrid vehicles.

There are some other American styling brands concentrating prodeminantley on Tesla for splitter kits but for the Electric car tuning scene in the UK, shipping is far too expensive and risky.

Electric Vehicle Lowering Spring Kits

Eibach Springs

Lowering springs are a great way to enhance the overall drive and appreance of any car including a huge range of EV models. With a great selection of manufactures offering car lowering from 25mm to 70mm there is a choice for every electric car owner.

Some of the more popular brands for car lowering are Eibach and H&R suspension. They are high quality solutions and known around the world for suspension products.

Lowering your EV with give it a better centre of gravity which is fantastic as the location of the battery on electric cars often enhances the center of gravity over a petrol car. It will also give the car an aggressive look that will stand out from the rest on the roads of the UK.

Hopefully this comprehensive list of Electric car tuning and modification will settle some of the myth around the top electric car modifications currently!

Should you require installation of your EV mods we have a bespoke tuning garage in Wakefield west Yorkshire to offer fitting and tuning. Contact our team via our Contact Us page for any additional information you may require!



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