VW Golf R Remap Development

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VW Golf R

The VW Golf R is without doubt one of the most tunable hot hatches around with its 2.0L turbocharged EA888 engine making a healthy stock power of circa 300bhp…this is where a remap comes into play. A Golf R Remap from VUDU Performance, using the renowned VUDU remap software, can boost your power levels to a tasty 370BHP at Stage 1 without any breathing modifications.

Adding an induction kit, turbo elbow and muffler delete to the Golf R with a Stage 1 remap and you will release an extra 10 – 15bhp!

Link here to our Ultimate Stage 1 Package

Please note the below dyno graph is power at the wheels, engine correction would be 12-15% on top of these figures.

Golf R Stage 1 Dynograph

If you want to push for more power from your VW Golf R you can indeed look at our very own VUDU Stage 2 Package which includes an Airtec intercooler, Milltek, Scorpion or Cobra decat or sports cat exhaust systems, Racingline R600 intake, Forge Motorsport Intake Pipe and Muffler Delete.

A Stage 2 Remap with the above hardware will allow the car to breath freely and vent exhaust gasses through the decat/sports cat at a far greater rate. The Airtec intercooler will then keep charge temperatures down, allowing an increase in boost pressure and ignition timing without the issues of heat management and back pressure in the exhaust side of the engine.

This Stage 2 Package will see a healthy power increase over the Ultimate Stage 1 Remap Package, taking your figures to a nice round circa 400 – 410bhp and a nice jump in torque to give you that extra pinned in the seat feel.

VW Golf R

Remaps have been developed by VUDU Performance for 95ron fuel and 98/99ron. We do specify that when spending your money on a remap you should constantly run Shell V Power or Tesco Ultimate 99, this way you are maximising the use of our VUDU remap software and keep the engine running its optimum performance at all times. If for whatever reason you are unable to run this type of fuel the remap is available as above in a 95ron form.

If you decide that a remap for your VW Golf R MK7/7.5 is right for you then be sure to ensure its carried out by professionals in a controlled environment using a dyno, not only does this confirm the before and after power/torque output of the engine but also ensures the car is producing consistent and smooth delivery of power throughout the whole dyno run.

See the below video of us carrying out a full VW Golf R remap and ultimate stage 1 install for yourself on our YouTube channel below:

See all the products in our VW Golf R collection and read more about specific product ranges HERE.

If you want to speak to one of our customer service team regarding remaps for your Volkswagen / Audi group vehicle, give us a call on 01924 228042 or email sales@vuduperformance.com



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