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Polo GTI remaps are something every owner should consider in order to unlock the true potential of the vehicle. This already punchy super mini can make some breath-taking gains from a stage 1 remap alone, using our own increasingly popular VUDU Remap Software. The base Polo GTI model makes a steady 180bhp from factory but with a stage 1 98ron remap from VUDU Performance your Polo GTI will push out a strong 225-230bhp!!

If that’s not enough it’s well worth adding a Forge Motorsport Muffler Delete and either a VUDU or RacingLine Induction Kit, this will see another 10bhp added to the tally making the Polo GTI a Golf R contender.

VUDU Performance have been working with some of the very best software developers and hardware manufactures in the world for a number of years with the intention of bringing a quality tuning package to the market of a range of make and models. This VUDU Ultimate Stage 1 Tuning Package for the VW Polo GTI model is the latest in a long line of tuning packages available at VUDU Performance with the package opening up plenty of opportunities to take your Polo down the road of high performance tuning.

See Our Ultimate Stage 1 Package Here

Please note the below dyno graph is power at the wheels, engine correction would be 12-15% on top of these figures.

Stage 1 Dyno Graph

If the Polo GTI Stage 1 remap figures above are not quite enough, it could well be the full stage 2 package that you’re after! This will include a stage 3 ready Airtec Intercooler, a decat downpipe from your brand of choice with Milltek, Scorpion and Cobra decats available, a Forge Motorsport Muffler Delete and a RacingLine Induction Kit.

Designed specifically for the VW Polo GTI 1.8TSI engine, the package offers you a superb opportunity to make the jump from a standard model to a fully modified stage 2 monster. Our very own VUDU remap software is in high demand and our expansion into the VW Polo tuning market is proving to be a popular one with the huge power gains proving to be a mouthwatering selling point among tuning enthusiasts around the country.

This mighty stage 2 package, all working in harmony, will pump up your Polo’s figures to a massive 275-280bhp along with a massive 310-320Ib!! It goes without saying that the power to weight ratio of the Polo GTI with this kind of power is not one to be underestimated.

See Our Ultimate Stage 2 Package Here

Polo GTI VUDU Stage 2 Graph

All our VUDU remap softwares are developed on our in-house 2000whp hub dyno before road beta tested for up to 10,000 miles to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and ultimate reliability. If you are looking to remap your Polo it’s vital that you choose a proven tuning company with an accurate dyno/rolling road to test not only the cars power output before and after the remap, but also to critique all of the mid-range power and torque delivery to ensure it runs completely smooth.

Whilst we have options for different octane fuel i.e. 95ron, Shell V Power and Tesco Momentum 99, we would recommend only using only Shell V Power or Tesco 99ron fuel to achieve the greatest results from the remap software and optimise the engines capabilities.

If you are interested and want to see more, take a look at the below video of us carrying out a VW Polo GTI Stage 1 Remap:

If you would like to speak to a technical customer service representative call 01924 228042 or email sales@vuduperformance.com



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