Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Remap Development

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Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST

We have taken the development of our very own Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST to the next level...After months of extensive R&D work, we are now in a position where we can safely say our new PERON Tuning Stage 1 Remap Software is now ready and available for purchase!

Over the recent Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, we had the opportunity to complete our research and development of the new Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST PERON Tuning Stage 1 Remap Software. Our research may have taken a little while longer than other tuning companies, but we are now confident our Mk8 Stage 1 software is a class above the rest on the Mk8 Fiesta ST tuning market.

VUDU Performance take great pride in being able to offer our enthusiastic tuning customers with a wide range of remapping softwares for the number of different makes and models we cater for. The new Mk8 Fiesta ST Stage 1 Software is the latest in a long line that we currently have available on our webshop.

Stock Figures: 188WHP | 216ft/lb (Calculated 200BHP)

PERON Stage 1 Figures: 220WHP | 260ft/lb (Calculated 247BHP)

If 10,000 road miles wasn’t enough, we decided to take our Mk8 Fiesta ST over to Germany to put the car through its final test runs at both the Nodschleife and Nurburgring GP Circuit in attempt to seek its true potential. The Mk8 completed an unofficial lap time of 8 minutes and 39 seconds – a truly remarkable time that matches vehicles way above the budget of a Mk8 Fiesta ST.

Quote from VUDU Performance sales director, Nick Cook: “PERON have outdone themselves with this remapping software, it compliments the nature of the Mk8 Fiesta ST's incredible chassis. The posture and power of this car around the Nurburgring is incredible, couple this with improved MPG enhanced OE+ features makes this remap impossible to compete with. Well done to the calibrators at PERON Tuning."

See the Fiesta ST Mk8's lap of the Nurburgring GP Circuit for yourself in the clip from VUDU Garage Here:



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