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Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 Remaps and Tuning Products

The All-New Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 is more powerful, more responsive, and more fun to drive than ever before. The new dampers and softer rear beam bush set up with torque vectoring springs set up allows the new Fiesta ST Mk8 to ride better than any of its Fiesta st predecessors.

The Fiesta ST MK8 is also known as an outstanding and supple chassis and with some upgrades from a Stage 1 remap tuning package we are confident that this Fiesta ST will be a a game changer with some VUDU extras.

There is always room for improvement here we want to improve your general driving experience with a range of performance enhancing upgrades, remaps and tuning packages available for the Fiesta ST MK8.

If you are looking for Fiesta ST upgrades like induction kits, stainless steel exhausts and much more we carry all the best goods from Airtec intercoolers, Milltek exhaust and VUDU performance.

This new ford engine platform has already proved its self as an amazingly tuneable platform with an average stage 1 remap pushing over 250bhp and stage 2 regularly pushing up to 275bhp ford have given the fiesta st MK7 big brother into a stunning and very good car for tuning.

See the full Fiesta ST MK8 tuning package guide here.

Having had our own demo car fiesta st mk8 means we are able to develop our very own range of upgraded parts and build our portfolio of remaps we have been testing for over 2 years working on more and more improvements for what is already a very good for car. As part of our testing regime we use the car for daily road use then push the limits on the track.
As part of the final sign of testing we travel from the UK to the famous nurburgring and put the car through its paces with up to 30 laps in a week providing the track is open.
this trip in total with driving is in excess of 1500 miles including track time at massive heat and load.

VUDU Performance only stock the finest ford performance products with years of tried and tested experience. Contact our highly trained technicians in our Normanton workshop, for further details about fitting and dyno testing available.
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