Ferodo Brakes

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Ferodo Brakes are the premium braking brand from Federal Mogul, boasting a proud 120 year history of technical innovation and product development.

Ferodo were founded in 1897, originally manufacturing brakes for horse drawn carts. 120 years on, they continue to be fully committed to providing the highest quality brake parts for world leading manufacturers.

This continuous commitment has naturally led to Ferodo establishing themselves as the preferred choice in the supply of brake equipment. Out of the top 10 selling vehicles in Europe, Ferodo were fitted as the original manufacturer on 8 of them.

Ferodo carry out pioneering research, innovative development, bold engineering and vigorous testing to ensure all their brake systems are up to a quality standard and offer the optimum safety and reliability.

Ferodo are conscious of the environmental issues affecting the planet and have acted accordingly to reduce the impact on the environment. View the Youtube video below to learn more:

Contact our trained technicians in Normanton for details on the Ferodo premium brake systems with fitting and dyno testing available.

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