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Toyota Yaris GR Panel Air Pro-Filter - ITG Filters

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ITG Filters Panel Air Pro Filter for the Toyota Yaris GR.

The ITG Panel Air Filter for the Toyota Yaris GR is a cheap and simple upgrade for the Yaris GR. The ITG Air Filter is a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM filter found in the stock models. Replacing the stock filter for the ITG filter results in an increase of airflow, while maintaining high quality filtration.

ITG Filters use foam in their filters rather than paper, which is what most OEM Filters are made from, because it allows for optimum airflow and filtration. Foam achieves optimum airflow, cleaning efficiency, and dust load tolerance, over their paper counterparts.

Key Features:

- Increased Airflow

- Tri-Foam filtration.

- Increase power output.

- Hand washable & re-usable.

- Lasts 5x longer than paper filter.

- Dust load tolerance.

ITG Filters are one of the leading manufactures of performance air filters. Their dedicated research and testing has built up their reputation over the years. Their Tri-Foam filter design is unmatched. Check out the graph below from ITG to see how their foam compares to other filter designs.

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