Aaron Hancox | VUDU Brand Ambassador | Fiesta ST180

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Aaron Hancox Fiesta ST Stage 2

Aaron is a returning customer at VUDU Performance, purchasing the large majority of his Fiesta ST modifications through ourselves to create his Stage 2 ST180 track build!

As an ex-racing mechanic, Aaron has always been into fast cars so when he purchased his Mk7 Fiesta ST he has not once looked back. Aaron recently visited VUDU Performance HQ to have the finishing touches completed to his Stage 2 Fiesta ST, as we flashed the VUDU Performance Stage 2 Remap Software to his car. This software flash helped push the car to a massive 255bhp, which was one of the best results we've ever seen from the stock turbo!

Mk7 Fiesta ST Performance Upgrades

VUDU Fiesta ST on track

Mk7 Fiesta ST Aestheitic Modifications

Aaron's tuning journey is not finished with VUDU Performance just yet with plans to go full stage 3 with the VT330 Hybrid Turbo at the top of his list! You can follow all his progress on his Fiesta ST180 build via his personal Instagram @X12gon. You can also use Aaron's personal Discount Code: AH5 for a discount on your Fiesta ST orders!

Fiesta ST on track



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