The Ultimate Golf R Stage 3 Package Explained

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Golf R Stage 3 Package

The VW Golf R has long been the go-to for car-tuning addicts like ourselves for many years. Each model year becomes bigger and better from a modification point of view. The Golf R MK7 and MK7.5 sport the EA888 GEN 2 engine which is capable of power levels up and above 500bhp however this will require at the very least an upgrade to an IS38 hybrid turbo.

There is however a far better turbo upgrade now available in the form of the all-new Garrett big turbo Golf R full package coupled with our VUDU Performance Stage 3 Golf R remap software this truly is the game-changing Golf R turbo kit.

The amazing-looking Golf R pictured here came to us from a good friend of the business Rob whose exact words were I want over 500bhp and to retain the reliability of the stock 2.0 TSI without having to build a forged engine "yet".

Seeing the attention to detail that had gone into this high-quality Golf R it was obvious we needed to develop our VUDU Performance Golf R stage 3 kit using the Garrett Powermax direct bolt-on turbo kit.

The kit is essentially a G series Garrett turbo with a bespoke ball bearing hybrid style turbine cover making it a direct bolt-on in place of the IS38 Turbo using the highest quality CNC machined components and a high flow turbine housing means the turbo is more than capable of exceeding 500-550bhp.

Golf R Turbo Kit

Golf R Stage 3 Full Package Spec List:

The Stage 3 Remap Software obviously requires specialist performance hardware in order to run this amount of power safely and efficiently.

Garrett Stage 3 Golf R Big Turbo

  • This Big turbo upgrade is a direct fit for all MQB platform EA888 cars including the Audi S3 and Golf R MK7/7.5 model
  • G-Series wheels with extended tip technology
  • G-Series turbine wheel Constructed of Mar-M Alloy 1050C rated
  • Optional speed sensor port

VUDU Performance Uprated Intank Low-Pressure Fuel Pump

  • Provides fuel delivery for up to stage 3+ 600bhp
  • 305 LPH High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump
  • Comes fully built inclusive of a new sender unit for direct fitment

Autotec HPFP High Pressure Pump

  • Up to 50% more flow over stock HPFP
  • direct replacement for OEM internals

VUDU Performance Golf R Stage 3 Remap

  • Designed Specifically for use with the Garrett Power Max big turbo upgrade
  • Calibrated with extra safety features including temperature limiters and charge temperature compensation.
  • Optional pops and bangs

To support the above you will need existing stage 2 hardware upgrades including a front mount intercooler, induction system, turbo back exhaust system, and DSG software.

Golf R Stage 3 Package

With the above stage 3 Golf R package we have developed a solid 550bhp stock internals calibration which on Rob's car runs at a conservative 2.0 bar of boost pressure and in the correct temperature conditions will target 11-13 degrees of ignition timing advance. This calibration contains many component protection safety features based on temperature control and fuel standard. Please note we only offer stage 3 tuning for 99 RON fuel.

As can be seen in the dyno graph below this stage 3 package will make a consistent 480-490whp in ambient temperatures of around 20 degrees. we suspect with lower ambient temperature we may see further power gains.

The Garrett turbo is phenomenal in every way it brings all the benefits of a big turbo conversion with the simplicity of an IS38 Hybrid turbo installation. It is a true direct bolt-on big turbo kit for the Golf R and its MQB platform counterparts such as the Leon Cupra. The sound is amazing very much an OEM+ style noise but with full boot achieved around 3700rpm offering a torque limited 440-450Ib this is achieved almost all the way to the redline where the boost is tapered off slightly in our stage 3 remap.

The Turbo comes with all parts required to bolt directly to the Golf R including a new turbo elbow, diverter valve, and associated oil feed and return lines.

Golf R Stage 3 Software

Our VUDU Golf R stage 3 package will be accessible through our website very soon. Ready to purchase off the shelf or be booked for a full drive-in drive-out package including all dyno hire and software options. This is truly the most phenomenal Golf R we have produced to date.

Speak to our friendly team about your Golf R tuning via our Contact Us page today.



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