TEAM VUDU Make It 3 from 3 At The Time Attack Championship!

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VUDU Performance Podium Finish at Time Attack Championship Round 3

It was TEAM VUDU at the top of the podium once again as the team picked up another 1st and 2nd place finish in the Third Round of the Time Attack Championship at Oulton Park!

Yet another mix around on the podium, but the third round of the Time Attack Championship saw #TeamVUDU take another First and Second place podium finish to make it three from three at Oulton Park.


An exceptionally hot day caused a few minor problems with thermal management. The brake cooling, heat transfer and tyres were a particular problem but with Pirelli’s advice on the day and some mechanically sympathetic driving from the drivers, we were able to maintain the best possible grip and stopping power on each of the cars. The qualifying results speak for themselves, with #TeamVUDU dominating the top 3 steps of the Pocket Rocket class, finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1 - Nick Cook 1.36.904
2 - Andy Taylor 1.37.726
3 - Ben Copson 1.37.945

The VT330r Leading The Pack Yet Again:

Voodoo Car

Realistically after all the time and effort that we have put in, we would have liked to see Andy win in the race car but due to some issues with the sticky rear callipers, it proved too much for the race car to handle on the day. This however doesn’t take anything away from the Voodoo car which performed exceptionally well once again, the new VT330r E-Software is performing exactly how we hoped and we would personally like to thank Charlie at PERON for the development of this superb tuning software over the past couple of months.

The cars including VUDU Performance customer driver, Ben Copson, have been outstanding all weekend. Every car pushed to this level has its moments but overall the success of these three cars speaks volumes about the quality of workmanship not only from the VUDU Performance technicians but indeed our parts and software suppliers.


Key Modifications On The Voodoo BB1 Race Car:

Quote from Ben Copson,

“I’m really enjoying helping the team with data analysis and getting an insight into Time Attack. As this is now my second consecutive year, I think I’ve learned a lot that I can pass on to the guys. I’d like to thank my family and friends for supporting me personally and our followers online, it’s a real pleasure to be out following my dream.”

Quote from Nick Cook,

“Can you believe we drive this road car to the circuit, compete with real race cars and continue to win!! This is a real testament to Elliot and Callum in the VUDU Garage along with all the sponsors and suppliers that make this dream possible. The support both on the day and online from our loyal customers has been out of this world, it’s a very special feeling.”

Quote from Andy Taylor,

“Well isn’t it a shame that we keep coming so close with the fully blown race car I can almost smell a victory. The main thing we take away from each event with this car is mountains of data and me as an engineer gives me lots of food for thought. With over 30 years of turbocharger experience actually driving the changes makes is really interesting and useful for further development.”

A Thank You From VUDU Performance:

As always, all the team at VUDU Performance would once again like to say a HUGE thank you for all your recent support, with a BIG shout out to all our suppliers and sponsors for helping us on our way to our third straight Time Attack Championship silverware.

We hope to continue this form into Round 4 at Donnington, where we would love to bring it home once again and fly the Fiesta flag high and proud for the Fiesta community. Why not show your support to the VUDU Brand with some new VUDU Merchandise available on the VUDU Performance web shop now!

VUDU Performance at the Time Attack Championship

Thanks to Rich Sams for the photography on the day.



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