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obp Motorsport are a UK based company that currently identify themselves as Europe’s marketing leader in Design, Development and Manufacture of Hi-End Motorsport components.
obp Motorsport Manufacture:
  • Race Car Bias Brake Pedal Box Assemblies
  • Brake Master Cylinders
  • Brake Bias Valves
  • Braided Brake Hoses
  • Hydro / Hydraulic Handbrakes
  • Aluminium Fuel / Water / Oil Tanks
  • Pit Equipment
Over the years we have worked with most of the Worlds leading Motorsport Teams, Drives and Manufacturers. When you purchase any obp Motorsport product you can be assured the obp brand stands for Safety, Reliability, Performance and Value for Money.
VUDU Performance only stock the best products with years of tried and tested experience. With fitting and dyno testing available in our workshop, contact our trained technicians in Normanton to learn more on obp Motorsport.

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