Ford Service Booking In Leeds


Ford Performance Servicing Specialists

Ford servicing, conducted by ourselves at VUDU Performance, provides a complete solution to keep your Ford vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. Our certified technicians use the latest tools and authentic Ford parts to ensure reliability and total peace of mind on every single one of workshop bookings.

Whether it's regular maintenance like oil and filter changes or a full Ford performance service, our package deals focus on efficiency and expertise to get you back on the road safely. We also prioritise clear communication and fair pricing to make servicing your Ford hassle-free. Count on us as the Ford servicing specialists to preserve your vehicle's integrity and performance for the road ahead.

Ford Service Leeds

We have a modern workshop facility based near Leeds, West Yorkshire, on the M62 in Normanton. It's a highly convenient location for Ford owners across Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, and Huddersfield to come visit us.

Ford Servicing

Fiesta ST Servicing Specialists

VUDU Performance and the Fiesta ST have often come hand in hand with what we are most well-known for. This is because of our commitment, precision, and expertise when performing our magic on the Fiesta ST. This statement is true whether that be providing a simple annual service or a full remap package. Our expert technicians understand the unique requirements of high-performance vehicles such as those of the Fiesta ST. 

Maintain the exhilarating driving experience and confidence-inspiring handling of your Fiesta ST with our dedicated servicing tailored to meet the demands of your driving adventures.

Fiesta ST Mk7 Servicing

Fiesta ST Mk7 Servicing by VUDU Performance

Servicing your Mk7 Fiesta ST is essential to keeping this iconic hot hatch performing at its peak. We are well known as the Mk7 Fiesta servicing experts, so your vehicle could not be in any safer hands than that of our workshop team.

With access to genuine Ford-approved parts and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment from our workshop facility in West Yorkshire. Keep the thrill of driving alive with regular servicing tailored to meet the unique demands of your Mk7 Fiesta ST, ensuring for many more exhilarating miles on the road ahead.


Fiesta ST Mk8 Servicing by VUDU Performance

Maintaining your Mk8 Fiesta ST is key to keeping its outstanding performance and dependability. Like with the Mk7 model, we are very well known for our work on the Mk8 ST on both the performance and servicing sides of things.

Certified Fiesta ST technicians conduct thorough inspections and maintenance, paying close attention to every aspect of your vehicle, from simple oil and filter changes to full performance services. With access to authentic Ford parts and cutting-edge diagnostic tools, you can trust that your Mk8 Fiesta ST is getting the best care possible in our expert hands.