Audi S3 Haldex Service Kit - VUDU Performance

Audi S3 Haldex Service Kit - VUDU Performance

£150.00 inc. VAT £125.00 excl. VAT

Audi S3 Haldex Service Kit - VUDU Performance

The VUDU Performance Haldex Service offers everything required to service your Hadlex. We recommend this service every 30,000 miles.

It is recommended to Change the Haldex oil every 30k miles to keep the internal components lubricated and operating properly. VUDU Performance recommends changing the fluid more often in high powered or aggressively driven vehicles (20K).

As well as changing the fluid, it is important that the pump is removed and inspected for blockages at the oil strainer. At this point the oil strainer can be cleaned and the pump re-fitted.

This kit includes:

  • Haldex Oil (VAG-G060175A2)
  • Pump Gasket Kit (HAL-0CQ598305)
  • Drain Plug & Seal (VAG-N90281802)
  • Drain Plug & Seal (VAG-N91082701)

RacingLine Filler / Magnetic Drain Plug

  • This kit comes with RacingLine Performance Billet Aluminium Non-Magnetic Filler and Magnetic Drain Plugs.
  • The kit also comes 10x Sealing Washers allowing you to re-use the plugs for upto 5 services.
  • The Magnetic Drain plug offers a little extra protection attracting any ferous metal particals away from the inner workings of the Haldex Clutch/Pump system

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