Audi S3 Stage 3 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Audi S3 Stage 3 Remap Software - VUDU Performance Audi S3 Stage 3 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

Audi S3 Stage 3 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

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Audi S3 Stage 3 - VUDU Performance Software

The Audi S3 Remap that we offer here at VUDU Performance is just one of the ECU software that we provide to you car lovers. We have been able to optimise the ECU and TCU to bind perfectly as they will give he smooth power delivery that your car need.

The Audi S3 is a turbocharged 296 BHP power train and has a 4 wheel drive system which creates an vast amount of grip for the car as all the power is shared between the 4 wheels. This allows for greater stability and traction in all types of driving conditions.With the Stage 3 upgrade on your Audi S3, you can expect to see a significant boost in power and torque.

The upgrade will involve replacing the car's intake, exhaust, and inter cooler systems, as well as reprogramming the engine's computer to take advantage of the increased airflow. This will result in a higher top speed, faster acceleration, and increased fuel economy. Additionally, the upgrade will also improve the car's handling, making it more responsive and agile for the best driving experience.

The Audi Stage 3 is recommended to use certain types of fuel to ensure maximum performance and efficiency, it is recommended that Tesco 99 or Shell V Power fuels are used, as they offer a higher fuel quality which will allow the remap to reach its full potential.

500bhp+ Achieved with Audi S3 Stage 3 VUDU Performance

Supporting Hardware Required

Stage 3 Kit

This upgrade kit is required for the Audi S3 Stage 3 VUDU Remap.

APR Intercooler Kit provides a dramatic reduction in the intake air temperatures passing through the MQB but also ensures a significant increase of performance.

APR Oil Catch Tank is designed to prevent any excess oil vapours from entering the intake system in the Audi S3 providing the highest quality.

Racingline Oil Management Kit condenses the oil vapours in the bottom of the tank but also provides a pure air/fuel mixture to prevent the chance of it slowly filling the intercooler and intake pipework with the excess oil.

Autotech High Pressure Fuel Pump ensures that the most precise tolerances are maintained with each piston and cylinder match-ground and serialised to ensure for the utmost amount of precision and longevity.

IS38 Turbo found on the Audi S3 has limitations of around 420bhp along with flaws in its internal shaft design. The choke point for making more power been the compressor wheel and turbine wheel. This Audi S3 Stage 3 turbo from Garrett turbos is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to build a stage 3 Audi S3. This turbo upgrade allows you to safely have your Audi S3 upwards of 500+ BHP.

Audi S3 IS38 Hybrid Features:-

  • Up to 60% Increase in overall flow compared to stock IS38 Turbo
  • OEM bolt on fit no modification required up to 600bhp
  • Ballbearing core and bespoke high flow housings
  • No exchange unit is required for purchase

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For more information about the Audi S3 Stage 2 Remap, please get in touch with us by phone, email, or through our website. Our team of experts can provide you with more details about the remap, including its features, benefits, and any other questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get the most out of your Audi S3.

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