Dyno Run

Dyno Run

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Hub Dyno at VUDU Performance

In our quest to squeeze every last drop of power from our customers’ engines, we decided against using an engine dyno and opted for a hub dyno. We wanted a measurement tool that would deliver better accuracy, enhanced control and sensitivity and greater speed. In essence, we wanted to create ‘laboratory conditions’ to enable us to get the very best results.

The Dyno

The Dynapack offers our customer all of that and more. As a chassis dyno, the Dynapack couples directly to the wheel hubs and applies a precisely controlled hydraulic load. This method of direct coupling, plus its built-in strength, results in a huge number of benefits over a rolling road.

The Fan

We have the largest centrifugal fan in the country! Powered by a 30KW motor, this unique method of non-radial cooling applies the flow to an area of 1.3273msq, covering the entire front of the vehicle at a velocity of 11.58m/sec. And, as air is pumped in from outside the building, temperatures are kept as near to ambient as possible.

The Capabilities

Combined, the equipment is able to measure, in real-time, the engine torque, air intake temperatures, turbo boost pressures and the air/fuel ratio. BHP is also calculated and corrected to British DIN standards

  • Total control – direct hub contact and precise hydraulic load
  • Cost effective – quick and no direct tyre contact
  • Safe and stress-free – 2 to 30 sec. runs for all data types
  • Precise engine results– no inertia to mask results
  • Accuracy – greatly improved sensitivity and no wheel slippage
  • Repeatable – accurate back-to-back runs within 0.3%

All of this means that we can find ways to tweak the engine for maximum power output, and analyse faults that are only apparent when driving under load, in ways that ordinary rolling road Dyno operators cannot. What’s more, it enables us to tune and remap in a fraction of the time… all without wearing out your tyres!

Our hub dyno will handle 2WD cars up to 1200 bhp, and 4WD cars up to 2000 bhp.

Please contact us via our Contact Us page to get booked in for a dyno run once purchased.

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