EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Trackday Brake Pads for the VW Polo 6C 1.8T

EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Trackday Brake Pads - VW Polo 6C 1.8T

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EBC Brakes Bluestuff NDX Trackday Brake Pads for the VW Polo 6C 1.8T

Experience the signature EBC Brakes stopping power with these Bluestuff NDX Trackday Brake Pads!

The ultra high friction race pad from EBC Brakes generates the upmost amount of G force compared to the other brake pads in the EBC Brakes collection. The signature difference in the EBC Bluestuff NXD Brake Pads is the heat seared surface which gives the VW Polo excellent reductions in the brake pad bed-in time on the track.

The NDX prevents the use of rotor wear to eliminate any sparks under high speed braking. Disc wear is also drastically reduced to enhance both the brake discs and pads life expectancy.

Front Brake Pads Product Number: DP51517NDX

Rear Brake Pads Product Number: DP5680NDX

EBC Brake Pads fit the VW Polo 6C 1.8T model only.

Select whether you require front or rear EBC brake pads from the drop down list.

Require a Fitting?

Please contact the team at VUDU Performance for further details on fitting the EBC Brake Pads to your VW Polo. Our team of technicians have had plenty of experience working with the different Volkswagen models and will have no problem with the fitting.

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