EBC Brakes Floating Pair of Front Brake Discs for the Ford Focus RS Mk2

EBC Brakes Floating Pair of Front Brake Discs - Ford Focus RS Mk2

£864.00 inc. VAT £720.00 excl. VAT

EBC Racing 2-Piece Floating Brake Discs (Pair) To Fit Front of the Ford Focus RS Mk2

Experience the ultimate braking performance on your Mk2 Ford Focus RS with the EBC Brakes Floating Front Brake Discs!

Developed at EBC Brakes' headquarters, the floating EBC Brake Discs have been manufactured using only the finest materials available on the market to achieve one of the most perfect brake discs of the most exceptional quality.

The Brake Discs are highly resistant to wears and cracks, even under the most severe of circumstances due to the rings being cast from a high copper and high carbon alloy.

EBC Brake Discs Key Features:

  • Grooved and Vented Brake Discs
  • 5 Bolt Holes
  • Sold as a direct replacement OR as a simple bolt on upgrade
  • Significant weight advantages over the stock brake discs
  • Lower operating temperatures due to the effective heat dissipation

Brake Disc Dimensions:

  • Diameter 350mm // Height 49mm // Thickness (new) 25mm // Thickness (min) 23mm

EBC Brakes Part No: SG2FC2030

Please contact the team at VUDU Performance for any additional details you require regarding the pair of EBC Floating Front Brake Discs.

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