EBC Brakes Redstuff 3000 Series Premium Fast Street Brake Pads for the BMW M2

EBC Brakes Redstuff 3000 Series Brake Pads - BMW M2

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EBC Brakes Redstuff 3000 Series Premium Fast Street Brake Pads for the BMW M2

These EBC Brake Pads are ideal for Fast Road Use!

The Redstuff Brake Pads from EBC Brakes provide your BMW M2 with a far superior braking performance. Constructed in-house by EBC Brakes themselves, only the finest low dust compound material is used to maintain the signature high standard that an EBC brake system is known to possess.

Reducing disc wear to enhance the longevity of the brake system, Redstuff Brake Pads deliver powerful and long lasting silent braking for the discerning driver. Providing the ideal braking upgrade for the original brake pads on the M2, the Redstuff Brake Pads bring a far greater braking response time to drastically enhance your whole M2 driving experience.

Finished in a powder coated red colour, these EBC Brake Pads are completely road legal but are NOT intended for track use. We recommend purchasing one of the other coloured EBC Brake Pads if you require the pads for a track day.

Please select from Front or Rear EBC Brake Pads from the drop down list.

EBC Front Brake Pad Dimensions:

  • 92mm Brake Pad Height
  • 112mm Brake Pad Width
  • 17mm Brake Pad Thickness

EBC Front Brake Pad Part Number: DP32130C

EBC Rear Brake Pad Dimensions:

  • 88mm Brake Pad Height
  • 74mm Brake Pad Width
  • 15.5mm Brake Pad Thickness

EBC Rear Brake Pad Part Number: DP32133C

Learn more from EBC Brakes in the YouTube clip below:

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