Eibach Pro Lowering Springs Kit for the Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST

Eibach Pro Lowering Springs Kit - Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST

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Eibach Pro Lowering Springs Kit for the Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST

Experience Superior Ride Quality On Your Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 with the new performance spring kit from suspension specialists, Eibach!

These Mk8 Ford Fiesta ST Lowering Springs are more than capable of drastically enhancing both the appearance and performance of the vehicle. By lowering the Mk8's centre of gravity, the suspension kit reduces squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive under braking.

Every Pro-Kit designed by Eibach is heavily tested by their expert very own engineers and drivers to ensure they deliver that elite performance enhancement that you regularly find from an Eibach product. An aggressive design along with the high performance handling is the signature Eibach difference.

Approximate drop of 20mm on the Front and Rear.

Lowering Springs Key Features:

  • World's leading Performance Suspension Spring System
  • Engineered and tested to work perfectly with stock dampers
  • First step towards a complete sport suspension system
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Lowering = Traction + Attraction
  • Progressive spring design
  • Performance handling

Learn more about the Lowering Springs from Eibach themselves on their very own YouTube channel:

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