Ford Fiesta ST180 Fuel Injector - Ford OEM Part

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Ford Fiesta ST180 Fuel Injector Ford OEM Part.

These Fuel Injectors for the Ford Fiesta ST180 found in all the stock ST180 models.

Fuel Injectors are vital components of a cars engine. They deliver fuel into the engine at the right time to ensure clean and efficient combustion. Fuel injectors can be prone to developing faults or becoming clogged.

Signs that your fuel injectors may need replacing:

- Engine warning light is on.

- Misfiring or vibrating engine,

- Rough Idle (Car's idle noise has changed.)

- Engine Stalling or cutting out

- Fuel Leak

- Poor Fuel Economy.

Fuel injectors can last anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles.

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