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Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST Boost Pipes - VUDU Performance

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Fiesta ST Boost Pipes From VUDU Performance

Introducing another fine addition to the much desired VUDU Performance product range available at VUDU Performance with the VUDU Big Boost Pipe Kit for the Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST180.

The Fiesta ST has always suffered with suffocation and superheating the intake air to the intercooler due to its small diameter boost pipes and incorporated resonator. This boost pipe kit not only increases pipe diameter but replaces the resonator and plastic pipework with a precision bent aluminium option finished in a beautiful crackle black finish.

With over 10 years of prior knowledge and experience in the motorsport industry, we at VUDU Performance decided we needed to bring our own range of technical expertise to the Fiesta ST180 tuning market with our own range of aftermarket tuning products. Enhancing the Ford Fiesta ST180 from an everyday road car to an exciting hot hatchback, our VUDU product range is sure to develop your whole driving experience and take your Fiesta to a whole new level of performance.

If you're looking at purchasing these Boost Pipes, and you have a VT330r Hybrid Turbo, you will need some extra silicone. Should this be the case on your Fiesta ST build, please select the VT330r option from the drop down menu.

VUDU Performance Boost Pipes Fitment:

  • Mk7 Ford Fiesta ST

Get the perfect intercooler / boost pipes combination by ordering the VUDU Performance Stage 2+ Intercooler!

Key Features List:

  • Increased turbo noise
  • Up to 10bhp gain
  • VUDU deep laser etching
  • Increased pipe diameter

Fits Intercoolers:

  • VUDU Performance Stage 2 & Stage 2+ Intercoolers
  • Wagner Intercoolers
  • Any other intercooler with 90 degree outlets

Requires additional silicone for the following:

  • Pro-alloy
  • R-sport 400

See more of the Fiesta ST Boost Pipes in this addition to the VUDU Garage YouTube channel below:

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If you would like us to fit the Fiesta ST Boost Pipes, please get in touch with a team member to arrange it for you. Our expert technicians will have no problem fitting it and will allow you to have peace of mind.

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