Tarox F2000 Rear Brake Discs for the Ford Focus RS Mk3

TAROX F2000 Rear Brake Discs – Ford Focus RS Mk3

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Tarox F2000 Rear Brake Discs for the Ford Focus RS Mk3

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The Tarox F2000 Rear Brake Discs offer the ideal solution for drivers who often switch from standard road driving to serious track racing.

Featuring curved grooves on the surface of the brake discs, the F2000 Rear Brake Discs find the perfect balance between heat dissipation and strength to allow for an optimized performance on the track.

Key Features:

  • 2 Rear Brake Discs Included
  • Curved Grooves
  • Heat Treated for Added Strength
  • Ideal for Track Day Sessions


  • Disc Diameter - 302mm
  • Disc Thickness - 12mm
  • Disc Offset - 41mm

Tarox Rear Discs Diagram

Learn more about the Performance Brakes Systems available from Tarox Brakes in the video below:

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