Turbosmart Uprated Recirculating Valve for the Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost

Turbosmart Uprated Recirculating Valve - Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost

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Turbosmart Uprated Recirculating Valve for the Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost

The VR09 Plumb Back from Turbosmart provides your Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost with a billet aluminium replacement for the original plastic BOV that comes standard with the Mk7 Fiesta.

Expertly manufactured and tested in-house by Turbosmart themselves will ensure the product you are purchasing is to their usual high standards. The Uprated Recirculating Valve has been precisely constructed for unlimited boost holding capabilities and far quicker response times. Produced in aircraft grade aluminium alloy, the Uprated Recirculating Valve means cracking and boost leaking is reduced massively.

A blow off valve (BOV), dump valve or compressor bypass valve is a pressure release system present in most modern OEM road car applications. Its purpose is to prevent compressor surge / stalling and reduce wear on the turbocharger. These control valves remove the damaging impact of ‘surge loading’ by allowing the compressed air to vent away from the compressor wheel. This discharge can be heard as a distinct ‘dump valve’ hissing sound as it vents to atmosphere or back into the intake depending on the application and ECU airflow regulation. The Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost uses an inexpensive electronic diverter valve as standard which is prone to failure and inconsistent results when used at higher boost pressure.

Stock blow-off valves like those that come standard with the Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost often suffer from a range of problems. They are plastic, they leak and they have trouble holding the extra boost. You’ll have no such troubles with Turbosmart’s Uprated Recirculating Valve!

Turbosmart Product Code: TS-0203-1265

Require a Fitting?

Installation is straightforward as the valve is a bolt-on direct replacement for the factory valve. No special tools are required and all necessary hardware is included.

Please contact the team at VUDU Performance for further details on fitting and dyno testing your Mk7 Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost at the VUDU workshop in West Yorkshire.

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