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VW Golf R Intercooler - Wagner Tuning

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VW Golf R Intercooler From Wagner Tuning

Pure performance. Introducing the Wagner Tuning Competition Intercooler for the Mk7 VW Golf R and MQB platform 1.8-2.0TSI!

The Wagner Intercooler provides a 90% volume increase over the stock intercooler, to give your MQB platform vehicle a fantastic platform to run some huge power increases, such as that from a VUDU Performance remap. Wagner's engineers have been very specific with the increased intercooler core and efficency to be able to offer the increase in flow and charge cooling properties.

Intercooler Core Size: 640mm x 410mm x 65mm

Wagner Tuning's competition intercooler is an award winning piece of performance excellence, constructed from only the highest quality tube and fun intercooler cores with a premium made cast aluminium endtank optimised for superior internal airflow. This has resulted in unmatched performance cooling properties, suitable for Stage 3 tuned vehicles!

Despite the size, the weight of the complete intercooler is only 8.9kg making it the perfect choice for driving enthusiasts looking for peak performance gains without adding more unncecessary weight. Finished in an anti corrosion protective coating with thermal heat disspating character, you'll find the same coating across the complete Wagner Intercooler range.

Wagner Performance Intercooler Fitment:

  • Audi Q2 40TFSI 140KW/190PS* (not included to the TÜV certificate)
  • Audi SQ2 221KW/300PS (not included to the TÜV certificate)
  • Audi A3 8V 1,8TSI 132KW/180PS*
  • Audi A3 8V 2,0TSI 140KW/190PS*
  • Audi S3 8V 2,0TSI 221-228KW/300-310PS*
  • Audi TT 8S 2.0TFSI 169KW / 230PS*
  • Audi TTS 8S 2,0TSI 228KW/310PS*
  • Seat Leon 5F Cupra 2,0TSI 195-272KW/265-370PS* (incl. Cupra ST 265-370 & Cupra R)
  • Skoda Octavia 5E 1,8TSI 132KW/180PS*
  • Skoda Octavia 5E RS 2,0TSI 162-180KW/220-245PS*

Wagner Performance Intercooler Complete Kit:

  • 1x Charge air cooler
  • 2x Silicone hoses
  • 2x Hose clamps
  • 1x Mounting material
  • 1x Installation instruction
  • 1x TÜV certificate (excluding OPF-models)

Require A Fitting?

Please select the fitting option from the drop down menu before giving VUDU Performance a call to have us fit this Golf R Intercooler. Our team of trained technicians boast a wealth of experience when it comes to the MQB platform and will have no problem with this intercooler fitment,

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