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VW UP! GTI Induction Kit - Forge Motorsport

£272.98 inc. VAT £227.48 excl. VAT

Forge Motorsport Induction Kit VW UP! GTI.

Forge Motorsport has been busy cooking this one up. The new Induction Kit for the VW UP! GTI by Forge Motorsport is here. The Forge Induction Kit swaps out the restrictive stock airbox from the Up! GTI and replaces it with this High-Flow induction kit. Improving both the power and induction noise.

Installing the upgraded Induction Kit will see your UP! gain around 5bhp and 6lbft of torque. If you're looking to remap your VW UP! then you need to upgrade the intake system. When the engine is remapped it demands more airflow. The stock intake box is built to supply the air needed for the stock engine and will not cope with the increased demand.

Key Features:

- Increased performance 5bhp/6lbft torque.

- Improved induction noise.

- Upgraded engine bay aesthetics.

- Washable and reusable filter.

- Designed to flow stronger for longer.

Whats Included:

- Foam Filter.

- Heat Sheild.

- Induction hose.

- Jubilee Clips/bolts.


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