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VW UP! GTI Racing Durability Rear Diffuser - Maxton Design

£149.00 inc. VAT £124.17 excl. VAT

Maxton Design Racing Durability Rear Diffuser for VW UP! GTI.

What is making your VW UP! GTI stand out from the rest? Add some personality with this distinctive Racing Durability Rear Diffuser for the UP! GTI. The rear of the UP! GTI is rather bland this rear diffuser will transform the rear aesthetics of your VW UP!.

The Racing Durable Rear Diffuser is constructed from ABS plastic. The difference between the standard rear diffuser and the racing durable one lays in the thickness of the material. The Racing Durable diffuser is 10mm of ABS plastic, with increased impact and scratch resistance as well as UV protective coating and temperature and weather resistant.

Key Features:

- Improved rear aesthetics.

- 10mm thick ABS Plastic.

- Improved impact and scratch resistant.

- UV Coating.

- Temperature and weather resistant.





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