Wossner Forged Piston Kit Focus ST

Wossner Forged Piston Kit - Ford Focus ST 2.0 EcoBoost

£821.00 inc. VAT £684.17 excl. VAT

Wossner uprated engine internals for the Ford Focus ST 2.0ltr EcoBoost.

Wossner pistons feature a unique PTFE coating on the skirts and a grade of 4032 Alloy (T6) which allows the engine builder to run a closer piston to bore tolerance. This helps remove the slapping noise during cold start, commonplace among engines running forged pistons. The piston crowns are also polished to better resist detonation on a high-performance engine. Polishing allows a more even spread of heat inside the chamber with helps prevent hot spots on the piston crown.


Technical information is sourced from Wossner's latest catalogue

Part Number K9486
Engine Type 2.0 Turbo Ecoboost - GDTI
OE Bore Size 87.50mm
Bore Sizes Available

87.50mm - 1998.79cc

Stroke 83.10mm
Dome/Bowl Volume -6.8cc
Wössner Comp. Ratio 9.3:1
OE Comp. Ratio 9.3:1
Comp. Height 32.75mm
Valves Per Cylinder 4
Cylinders 4

Size options
87.5mm -K9486DA

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