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Focus ST Mk3 VUDU

It goes without saying that the MK3 Focus ST is one of the best yet, with its 2.0l EcoBoost engine and snazzy Recaro sports seats. We have spent almost five years now tinkering with this amazing platform alongside its little brother the Fiesta ST. With the option for five doors a decent size boot and the practicality to take the family to the coast, it is no surprise we have fast Ford fans queuing up to install all the latest Ford Focus MK3 Mods.

Here you will find our top 7 list of Ford Focus ST Parts for the Ford Focus ST MK3 carefully picked from a massive selection of parts readily available. We have whittled it down to just a handful of the very best Ford Focus upgrades to completely transform the look and feel as well as giving you some serious power gains.

Focus ST MK3 Remap

Focus ST Mk3 Remap

The ST has always been an amazing platform to remap! We have a range of outstanding software available to perk up the feel of your hot hatch, bringing a package that will not only keep the family happy but surprise some much heavier machinery.

Focus ST Stage 1 Remap

Working alongside our sister company VUDU Performance we have developed an outstanding stage 1 remap calibration, giving a healthy increase in power from the stock EcoBoost output of 250bhp to circa 285bhp.

This is designed around a completely stock car, simply optimising the software calibration on the ECU. It is important to understand the weak point of the 2.0 EcoBoost engine in the latest MK3 Focus ST, which is the ringland failure causing potential engine failure from stock.

We therefore keep an OEM knock detection profile and very low boost level to build in as much reliability as possible. With our stage 1 calibration you can expect performance like a Ford Focus RS MK3 at a fraction of the cost.

Cold Air Intake

Focus ST Induction Kit

We all love the chatter we hear with an open-ended air filter! Well, we can assure you that the Focus ST MK3 benefits massively from an upgraded induction kit. In this case, our favourite for noise is the AIRTEC stage 2 induction kit and for outright performance coupled with our stage 1 remap is the ITG Air filter induction kit, which has been developed in conjunction with Mountune racing on the Focus ST BTCC cars. Its fully enclosed airbox and cold air feed up to through the engine bay ensures a cold air feed permanently and is without a doubt one of our favourite Ford Focus mods.

If you are wanting a nice upgrade in airflow with cost and noise in mind, we would recommend a panel air filter upgrade. This is far less intrusive than a full induction kit audibly and will save a bucket load of cash.

Rear Motor Mount

Focus ST Mk3 Engine Mount

The Focus ST has suffered with engine mount issues since the MK2 model, this goes for the Focus ST and RS both MK2 and MK3 platforms across the board. The stock engine mount is a cast aluminium design with a poorly made rubber mount. The VUDU Performance Focus engine mount is without doubt the best answer to all the problems associated with what is known as the rear motor mount. Bespoke aerospace aluminium design with a polyurethane bush designed specifically to stop wheel hop and increase traction even from a launch. This should be the first of your Focus ST accessories to be installed.

Body Kits

Focus ST Mk3 Body Kit

We have a vast range of upgraded styling parts for the Ford Focus ST and RS, but our favourites are from Maxton Design. Constructed of an ABS plastic material with multiple sleek designs these body kits are on almost every Focus ST accessory list.

Front Splitters

With multiple versions of the Focus front splitters, Maxton Design have got you covered to give the front end of your Focus an aggressive look.

Side Skirts

Couple that attractive new front splitter with up to four different designs of side skirts to carry the sleek look through to the back end.

Spoiler Caps

Certainly, a crowd favourite. Grab a Maxton spoiler cap to complete the look of your fast Focus. Constructed from an ABS plastic and an easy 3m stick on tape, spoiler caps have become a firm favourite among all Ford owners.

Performance Lowering Springs

Focus ST Mk3 Eibach Springs

Upgrading the lowering springs on your Focus MK3 will not only improve the overall look but they also lower the centre of gravity and gives you more mechanical grip. This is most noticeable when pushing hard over your favourite B-Road. We personally favour the Eibach lowering spring kit for the Focus ST Mk3 as the ride is minimally affected but handling and looks are greatly improved. Where possible we do advise running with spacers for an overall completed look.

If you are looking to outperform the Focus ST's little brother, the Ford Fiesta over the back roads then the lowering spring kit is a must.

Ford Focus ST MK3 Intercooler

Focus ST Intercooler

Upgrading your front mount intercooler, even at stock level is a fantastic option. Charge temperature reduction is everything on modern day turbocharged cars especially with their clever ECU systems calculating so many different variables and making changes accordingly. When you decide to up the power and remap your Focus ST this will become even more apparent, as with increased boost and back pressure comes heat and unmanageable charge temperatures. Here are our favourite Focus ST intercooler upgrades.

AIRTEC Stage 2 Intercooler Focus ST MK3

A solid option from the team at AIRTEC offering amazing cooling capabilities from its bar and plate constructed core and cast end tanks. We have tested this cooler up to 300hp with great success.

VUDU Performance Stage 3 Focus MK3 Intercooler

If you are looking for outstanding quality and performance worthy of over 350bhp for your Focus ST, then the VUDU intercooler is without a doubt the one to go for. Tested with our stage 3 kit for maximized performance, this intercooler setup was designed for consistency and performance. For the price we believe it cannot be beaten.

Focus ST Exhaust Upgrade

Focus ST Mk3 Exhaust

Having tried all the leading exhaust manufacturers over several years we have narrowed the selection down to just three of the very best Focus ST MK3 exhaust upgrades, meaning you can minimise your searching time and stress using this handy Focus ST exhaust buying guide.

Milltek Sport Exhaust

Classic sounding with a hint of rasp, the Milltek exhaust options for Focus ST are designed to bring the noise but with an element of class.

Cobra Exhaust

The choice for those looking for an old school deep tone from there MK3 ST performance exhaust. Made in Sheffield by hand, these are a bespoke crafted product with a noticeably deep tone.

Scorpion Exhaust

We love the quality of a Scorpion exhaust system for the MK3 Focus. Having supplied and fitted many we can honestly say this is a quality option, with a tone somewhat between the two above. If you want a happy medium for your ST, then this is the answer.

Want To Discuss Further?

In conclusion, we hope this comprehensive Mk3 Focus ST mods list has been a useful guide. Should you wish to have any of the parts fitted that you can see in this article, then please contact our garage team in Wakefield using the Contact Us page for a bespoke quotation.



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