Ford Focus ST Mk3 ST250

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Ford Focus ST Mk3 Remaps and Tuning

Boasting excellent handling and performance, the Focus ST Mk3 is the only mid-sized performance hatchback that also comes in an Estate model. Making it perfect for those in need of a family car but still want to enjoy the pleasures of driving.

Here at VUDU Performance, we can completely transform your Focus ST Mk3 with remaps and focus st mk3 tuning packages taking your fast ford to levels that are Focus RS challenging.

The Focus ST MK3 is a front wheel drive platform so with some power upgrades it becomes a playful and enjoyable fast road car. We are able to further improve on fords tuning platform with aftermarket exhausts from leading brands such as scorpion exhaust and then breathing modification from Airtec motorsport.

We already stock a wide variety of tuning and performance enhancing packages and we are currently working alongside Peron Tuning to help with the development of a number of different stage 1 and stage 2 remap kits.

Get the most out of your Ford Focus ST Mk3.

With our vast knowledge and experience, we can remap your vehicle to 360bhp with a dramatic increase in torque and for those that require bigger power gains, we recommend a hybrid turbo.We know the best way to get the most out of your Ford Focus ST and would love to help you on your automotive tuning journey.

Browse the variety of performance enhancing products available for the ST Mk3 at VUDU Performance. Milltek Sport and Scorpions Exhausts are just some of the big name brands you can expect to find performance enhancing tuning packages.

Below are some of our Favorite picks from the full collection.

Focus ST MK3 Remap :-

The ecu remap to stage 1 is the perfect way to awaken the spirit of your Focus ST 250 when we instal the VUDU Performance stage 1 tuning software we regularly see an increase of over 30bhp and great torque gains we have developed our mk3 st remap in line with the 2.0l ecoboost engine not been regarded as the strongest engine and often requiring forged internals to ensure total reliability.

We have taken our development steps very carefully to ensure sensible levels of boost pressure and ignition timing.

Airtec Stage 3 Intercooler Focus ST MK3 :-

We have multiple options for aftermarket intercoolers including Airtec intercoolers and the new stage 3 Vudu Performance intercooler both proven to over 350hp using our stage 3 tuning and hybrid turbo.

Airtec intercoolers have been widely regarded as the best cooling solution for and owner looking to remap there st250 and the stage 3 airtec intercooler is the optimal option for getting amazing results.

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