Golf GTI Clubsport Tuning Package Stage 2 Build

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Outstanding Golf GTI Clubsport VUDU Stage 2 Remap…

Golf GTI Stage 2 Remap

Well, where to start with this absolutely incredible Golf GTI Clubsport, brought to us by Adam, who had been following our company for a number of years. Adam had been analysing our work and commitment to getting the job done right before embarking on the build of his lovely special edition Golf GTI in preparation for many track days and an imminent trip to the Nurburgring.

What is different about the VW Golf GTI Clubsport special edition?

Golf GTI Clubsport Remap

This impressive Clubsport Edition sports some admirable visual changes, such as in the form of an OEM body kit with a front splitter and an aero rear spoiler lip. And that is only a few of the unique differences on the Clubsport Golf that gives it its edge.

Let's talk about the fancy electronic limited-slip differential, or also known as the e-diff. This E-Diff ensures that all of the control of an aftermarket LSD, such as a Quaife or Wavetrac differential, is retained without it requiring maintenance, along with it driving the front axle almost stock when in the relevant drive modes, then it engages just when you want it.

Electronic Differential

The engine on this impressive Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport is taken directly from the mighty Golf R, with the IS38 turbo detuned to a modest 265bhp when not in over-boost, where it will push to 290bhp. The internals of the Golf R EA888 engine is also slightly different as it hits the speed limiter at 155mph. This makes it somewhat of a sports car rival even from the factory while still retaining all of the Golfs amazing usability qualities.

The standard GTI pushes an impressive 230hp at standard with its IS20 Turbocharger, and with one of our Golf GTI remaps can be pushed from its stock power to an impressive 290-320bhp depending on your hardware install.

If it's something more substantial for fast road and track day use you are searching for then the Clubsport is certainly the best FWD option, without the massive expense of a GTI TCR car, then further enhanced with our package its a formidable force, read below.

VUDU Performance Golf Remap

The core reasoning behind Adam's build was to bulk up the power, in order to have it more in line with his friends BMW M3 and Golf R, which were already tuned, as he felt he was lacking performance in the straights.

Naturally, we have some of the best Golf Remap software available for both the R platform and Golf GTI respectively.

With the Clubsport sharing its engine platform with the Golf R, we already knew with our Stage 2 remap kit we would easily achieve a consistent 400-420BHP, and with the difference in weight compared to a Golf R, this would propel this car nicely around the mighty Nurburgring.

Our Golf R tuning has been recognised across the globe for its amazing results and fantastic consistency. This is the reason why Adam decided his R engined Clubsport would be in safe hands using VUDU Performance software, paired with VUDU Performance's race-winning heritage, to create the best hot hatch ring car he could achieve.

What's Cooling It?

With any Stage 2 Remap it is inevitable that you're going to increase the charge temperature. As the turbo is spooled harder the compressed air creates heat, couple this with increases in ignition timing and fuel flow, to suit, the requirement for additional hardware quickly becomes apparent. It is safe to say there is absolutely no point in building amazing remap software then letting it down with poor hardware, as you will not make consistent power if you cheap out on tuning hardware.

AIRTEC Gen 2 Intercooler

Firstly we opted for the fantastic Airtec intercooler, which is a full-height intercooler, with a close to double thickness core at the bottom. This intercooler has been proven to work by us in excess of 550hp on a stage 3 Golf R, so we already knew it would be amazing for this build.

Golf GTI Intercooler

Racingline R600 induction kit.

The Racingline R600 has been the staple diet of all our performance VW builds since 2016 when we developed our car and remaps for this platform. Its enclosed airbox construction, and ability to keep intake air temperature to a minimum, means you're feeding the IS38 turbo with colder air. As a result, your hot-side charge temperatures will be lower at the point it enters the Airtec intercooler, giving it every chance to feed the engine cold and more dense air. This is what makes power!

R600 Intake System

Forge Motorsport inlet hose and turbo muffler delete.

These two products are an amazing addition, removing the restrictive VW OEM pipework and resonator to free up some extra turbo noises for that audible pleasure.

Milltek Exhaust and sports cat.

Milltek has been making stainless steel exhausts since 1983, and it's safe to say they make a stunning product, and the VW Golf has been one of their best-selling exhaust systems since they began. Adam opted for the 3" non-resonated cat-back and Milltek Sports-Cat to match up. The 200 cell Sports-cat is legal for road use and enables you to pass a UK MOT, whilst also being TUV approved for use in Germany during Nurburgring trips.

What's the Cost?

Well, similar to our Golf R tuning package, this is based mostly on your hardware choices, and if you are looking for us to build the car in-house for you or if you would prefer to have a kit delivered and the remap installed remotely.

If you take our advice on your Golf GTI stage 2 build and come to us for a drive-in drive-out package, you can expect to spend around £4500 - £5000, inclusive of all the recommended parts above our VUDU performance Remap, Dyno time and VAT.

As mentioned above, you can expect this Golf GTI Clubsport Stage 2 kit to produce similar figures to our Golf R tuning which is will be in excess of 400bhp and in most cases with the correct Shell V power fuel closer to 420bhp.

What Does The Customer Think?

We contacted Adam a few weeks after completion to gather his thoughts on his new build. Adam stated that before buying the Clubsport, he owned a series of hot-hatches, most recently an Astra VXR, so he was no stranger to power. Upon purchasing his Clubsport, he found it rather tame, and within two weeks of owning it, he was in contact with us to unlock the potential of the GTI.

Despite working away and being unable to find time to play with his new toy Adam has commented the few times he has driven the car, he has found it fantastic. "It feels totally different" to how it did at standard, and is thoroughly impressed with how it performs.

Golf GTI Remap Software



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