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AUDI S3 Remap 8V - VUDU Performance

The Audi S3 8V is the slightly more plush sister car to the Volkswagen Golf R MK7 along with various others in what's called the MQB platform stable. All of the MQB cars carry the same ea888 gen 3 engine which has become renowned for its position in the ECU remapping world.

Our suite of Audi S3 tuning has been carefully developed over a number of years with the use of our own demonstration vehicle. Investing early in our own car has allowed us the time that is required to produce powerful and reliable ECU software which intensifies the experience of Audi ownership.

When it comes to the SIMOS 18 control unit we have accumulated thousands of hours of development time both in our dyno cell and on the Yorkshire roads starting with a simple stage 1 remap exploiting all of the potential left on the table from Audi right through to a fire breathing 550bhp full S3 stage 3 package.

We have tuned excessive numbers of the MQB platform globally and have a range of tuning packages to choose from.

Audi S3

Audi S3 Stage 1 Remap

Our bespoke Audi S3 stage 1 remap tuning is one of the most popular options among owners. A complete optimisation of the factory control unit our stage 1 ECU remap starts with an overhaul of boost, ignition timing, and throttle control tables to enhance the detail of the stock tuning. This is then followed by a number of drivability changes and component protection optimisations to offer a fully polished driving experience and offer outstanding reliability.

The VUDU Performance S3 Stage 1 remap is designed to run with a completely stock car without the requirement of upgraded hardware. Whilst we suggest only the highest fuel quality is used for the best results we do have options for 95ron low grade stage 1 tuning available.

With our stage 1 remap for the Audi S3 if your budget allows its ideal to add some breathing mods this will essentially give you a stage 1+ tune which will help the 2.0 tfsi engine breathe more efficiently allowing the ECU to target more boost and ignition timing. The net result is up to 15bhp increase.

Suggested Breathing mods

Stock Power Figures: 280/290/300bhp – 280ftlb

Audi S3 Stage 1 Remap Figures: 370/380bhp – 386ftlb

Audi S3 Stage 1 Package Figures: 380/390bhp – 386ftlb

Audi S3 Dyno Graph

Audi S3 Stage 2 Tuning

Not for the faint hearted. Our Stage 2 remap for the Audi S3 has been developed in line with some of the best tuning products available. Having the use of our own demonstration vehicle and an in house dyno cell allowed us to test multiple products from our partners to ensure our S3 stage 2 remap is optimised for both performance and consistency.

Our stage 2 remap will adapt accordingly to the hardware you have installed on your car. Whilst we have a recommended supply list that you can see in our Audi S3 stage 2 package this doesn't limit you to changing your existing hardware if you already have it installed the remap will adapt accordingly.

As with all VUDU Performance ECU software we have delved into finite detail to enhance the existing control systems producing outstanding power increases over stock of up to 420bhp depending on hardware and fuel grade used.

Audi S3 Stage 2 Required Hardware

  • Cat back exhaust system with decat downpipe or sports cat
  • Induction kit with intake pipe and turbo elbow
  • Muffler delete
  • Front Mount intercooler
  • VUDU stage 2 ECU & TCU

Stock Power Figures 300 - 310bhp | 280ftlb

VUDU STAGE 2 S3 FIGURES 400 - 420 BHP | 400 - 405 FT/LB

Audi S3 Stage 3 Remap

The S3 tuned to stage 3 is incredible. We offer the stage 3 remap software for a handful of turbos that we have tested in house and believe offer great results but reliability and aftercare should it be required.

We do however prefer the MQB stage 3 package we have tested and delivered in our own package including the Garrett Powermax stage 3 turbo.

Our turbo options allow us to custom calibrate your stage 3 S3 remap from the ground up to make various power figures up to 550bhp depending on your opted turbocharger.

Supported Audi S3 Stage 3 Turbos

Contact Us?

For any information about our Audi S3 Performance software and Performance Parts, make sure to please contact us via phone, email or through our website. Our team of experts will be able to guide in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us. We look forward to hearing your questions in the future about your modded Audi S3.



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