Top 5 Golf R Tuning Mods

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Top 5 Golf R Mods

So you’re lucky enough to have one of Volkswagen's hottest hatches, the fantastic Golf R. Now you’ve landed yourself here, on the part of your journey where you realise the true tuning potential of the VW Golf and are searching for your first handful of Golf R tuning products.

Golf Tuning

Well then, be assured you’re on the right blog. We have outlined below some of the most exciting tuning upgrades, Golf R remap stages, and some tasty exhaust noise accelerants to get your Golf tuning party started!

Racingline Golf R Induction Kit.

Racingline R600 Intake

Racingline Performance products have been the staple diet of any VW upgrading fanatic for many years now. Recently acquired by a large American company, the development team at Racingline have been churning out the most outstanding products for the Golf R and Audi S3.

The R600 Air Intake has 2x increase in filter size which ensures the most efficient intake temperatures and worthwhile power gains.

The Racingline R600 Ram Air Induction kit is by far the best-selling air filter system for the MQB platform cars, with over ten thousand kits sold worldwide and a mountain of positive reviews from customers, running in excess of 500bhp on stage 3 hybrid turbo cars.

If you’re looking for ultimate airflow with a slight lift in audible turbo noise, then this is the induction kit for you!

Should you be looking for something slightly more cost-effective, with a big impact on dump valve noise and turbo noise, the Ramair induction kit is more likely the kit you would want.

VUDU Performance Golf R Stage 1 Remap

Golf R Remap

Well, let’s be honest, you're already here looking for the best mods. It is reasonably obvious that a fantastic remap has got to be on your agenda. The Golf R is a fairly tame beast in stock form, although it may not feel that way on the first drive. The clever engineers at VUDU Performance have developed a stunning ECU remap software and a complimenting DSG remap to suit.

The VUDU Golf R Stage 1 remap increases the power figures to a whopping 370bhp to 390bhp, depending on your tuning hardware. This is exactly how your hot hatch should have left the factory. This software calibration provides you with the means to push the limit of what your mind already thought was fast. Boosting this high-performance machine to a level that really is only just the start.

With increased boost response, better throttle control, and retaining most of the OEM Parts, this remap software is developed for a stock car with or without light breathing mods.

VUDU Performance Golf R DSG Remap

DSG Remap

Many of the Volkswagen Golf owners quite rightly opt for the automatic DSG gearbox, and with good reason. It's an absolute pleasure to drive, has an optional manual mode with paddle shift, and gives you a 0-60 time quicker than the manual Golf.

With this in mind, what if we told you that a DSG remap not only has massive changes to shift speed but also improves, gear shift points, increased clamping pressure for clutch protection but also releases torque limiters found in the DSG gearbox which increases mid-range power and torque drastically.

Without a doubt, you’re going to need the all-wheel-drive system from this mighty car to handle the sheer pace that it can deliver with our VUDU performance software.

If you are very much looking for power increases over aesthetics, please take a look at our VUDU Golf R stage 2 remap.

Forge Motorsport Golf R Inlet Hose and Muffler Delete

Forge Motorsport UK

This duo of products lends itself fantastically to the use of the R600 induction kit, no questions. With a wealth of knowledge gained over 25 years, Forge Motorsport has developed some stunning products, two of which are our favourites, used across all our tuning packages from stage 1 to stage 3.

The Turbo muffler delete removes the resonated muffler found on the IS38 turbo of your Golf R or Audi S3. This is put in place by Volkswagen to reduce turbo noise in the cabin. Unfortunately during that process, it also possesses as a restriction to the turbocharger.

Installation of the Turbo Muffler delete gives a pleasant lift in induction noise whilst offering to remove the restriction and feeding cold air to your turbo.

The Inlet pipe incorporates a larger turbo elbow and inlet hose which means you can feed ram air into the turbo at a higher rate, ultimately creating more power and consistency.

The Turbo Muffler Delete and Forge Motorsport inlet hose are sold separately but work very well as a combo in our experience.

Golf R Exhaust System

Golf R Exhaust

We all get bored of the sound potential ruined by resonators, GPF systems, and catalytic converters.

No matter which manufacturer you prefer to upgrade your Golf R exhaust system, we can guarantee you will enjoy it. Personally, we like the Scorpion exhaust option for the model, however, we have no words bad to say about Milltek exhaust, Cobra exhaust, or Remus exhaust, as they all have their tone and place in the market.

A non-resonated cat-back is a good move if you're looking for a nice increase in exhaust noise, especially if you are leaving your catalytic converter in as standard. For a stage 2 Golf R, this will be a touch louder due to your decat or high-flow sports cat.

On our MK7 Golf R demo car, during the build of our VUDU Performance remap software, we ran with an APR high-flow sports cat, Cobra sport exhaust system, Airtec intercooler, and Racingline R600.

We did opt for a non-valved system, which in our opinion was a mistake, and would advise all our customers to go for a valved exhaust system. This gives you the option of running things a little quieter in comfort mode whilst engaging Sport mode as and when you would like to. Our Stage 2 ECU calibration also comes with optional pops and bangs decel overrun remapping, should you be inclined to make an appearance.

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For any information about our Golf R Performance software and Performance Parts, make sure to please contact us via phone, email or through our website. Our team of experts will be able to guide in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us. We look forward to hearing your questions in the future about your modded Golf R.



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