Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Lovers In 2021

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We’ve reached the time of the year where Mariah Carey boasts a draining amount of radio time and the stress of finding gifts for loved ones is at an all-time high.

But here at VUDU Performance, we’re making your life that little bit easier with our top 10 Christmas gift ideas available for car lovers in 2021.

#10 - VUDU Performance Gift Card

A Christmas Stocking Filler Favourite!

If your loved one is always fitting the latest hardware to their vehicle, then look no further than the VUDU Performance Gift Card as a little stocking filler for them to spend on their next tuning modification. Gift Cards vary from £10 all the way up to £200 for your loved one to spend at VUDU Performance.

VUDU Performance Gift Cards

#9 - VUDU Performance Stickers

You Can't Go Wrong With VUDU Performance Stickers!

Give your loved one’s pride and joy the perfect finishing touch with the range of VUDU Performance stickers. With a variety of colours and sizes available, you’ll find the ideal sticker for anyone under the VUDU Decals section of our website. Our personal favourite is the enamel VUDU Car Badge Decal, providing a stunning finish at a low cost!

VUDU Enamal Badge

#8 - VUDU Performance Dead Pedal

We're Deadly Serious About This Christmas Gift!

This one is specifically for Ford Fiesta owners! The VUDU Dead Pedal is a particularly popular stocking filler at Christmas time to add that unique VUDU Performance finish to your loved one’s otherwise dull looking Fiesta footwell. The visual results from this simple fitment speak for themselves.

VUDU Dead Pedal

#7 - VUDU Performance "Black Series" T-Shirts

VUDU Fashion At Its Finest!

The VUDU Performance Black Series Range is not your typical “off the shelf” corporate t-shirt quality. A 100% cotton blend and an ultra-high-quality print gives the Black Series something that is rare to be seen on motorsport company merchandise. We have 3 different designs available; our personal favourite is the Racing Dev T-Shirt for that simplistic style.

VUDU Black Series T-Shirt

#6 - VUDU 39THIRTY New Era Baseball Cap

Bring Style To Speed This Christmas!

A new addition to this year’s Christmas collection, we introduce to you the VUDU Performance New Era Baseball Caps. Bringing style to speed, do not miss out on the collab between the most exciting tuning brand and the market leading baseball cap company, New Era Caps.

VUDU Baseball Cap

#5 - VUDU Performance Quick Shift

Shifting Through The Snow!

Another gift brought to our top 10 specifically for Ford Fiesta ST owners. The VUDU Quick Shift is as much of a visual accessory as it is a hardware modification, helping the ride much more assertive when moving through the gears providing that extra engaging driving experience.

VUDU Short Shifters

#4 - VUDU "Elite Series" Branded Hoodie

Don't Get Caught Out By Cold Starts!

Like with the VUDU Performance T-Shirts, the VUDU Branded Hoodies boast a high-quality design that is rare to be seen among other motorsport company merchandise ranges. The Elite Series of Hoodie designs has two separate designs for you to select from. We are split in the office on which of these is our personal favourites, but the Impossible Fascination Hoodie just has the edge.

VUDU Hoodie

#3 - VUDU Performance Sun Strip

Santa, All I Want Is A Sun Strip!

Another gift idea specifically for Ford Fiesta owners this Christmas is the range of VUDU Performance Sun Strips. The range of Sun Strips complements the Fiesta perfectly to provide the vehicle with that touch of VUDU Performance styling magic. Our office’s favourite design is the VUDU “Believe The Impossible” Sun Strip.

VUDU Sunstrip

#2 - VUDU Performance Gear Knob

Gear Up This Christmas!

The VUDU Gear Knob is one of the most aesthetically pleasing styling products available across the whole of the Ford market. An VUDU Performance best seller, the VUDU Gear Knob is designed to suit the complete Ford ST range ensuring for the tightest and most accurate gear shifts. The Gear Knob requires no mechanical background or tools for fitting and takes less than a couple of minutes to totally transform the look and feel of your fast Ford.

VUDU Gear Knob

#1 - VUDU Performance Floor Mats

Make It A VUDU Christmas!

Our number one choice Christmas Gift for 2021 is the VUDU Performance Floor Mats. These highest of quality Ford floor mats come as a set of 4, with the driver’s and front passenger’s floor mat each embroidered with the signature VUDU Performance logo. Suited for all weather conditions, these floor mats are some of the finest Ford accessories you can purchase on today’s market.

VUDU Floor Mats

Agree with our list?

Let us know what you’ll be purchasing for your loved ones this Christmas.

If you want to speak to a member of the team about the perfect Christmas gift, then please get in contact through the details below.

You can also claim a discount on your order using discount code XMASGIFT5.

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