Audi S1 Tuning Mods

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Audi S1 Tuning Mods

The Audi S1 Quattro offers a phenomenal amount of power from stock, but there is always room for improvement through simple modification upgrades available through VUDU Performance.

The sportier brother to the Audi A1, the 2.0 TFSI S1 is one of the latest small supermini's to take the tuning world by storm, competing with the likes of the Ford Fiesta ST and the VW Polo GTI for the number one pocket rocket spot in the UK.

Although the S1 is pricey in comparison, the performance is unrivaled in its class with no other pocket rocket coming close to the standard 231 hp figures of the Audi S1. This gives performance tuners like ourselves, a great benchmark to begin tuning the S1 to its maximum potential.

There are a number of seconds hand cars for sale at a very decent price in the current market. You will find a second-hand used Quattro four-wheel drive used Audi S1 for sale at just over the £15,000 mark, so it's easy to see why we have been seeing a high influx of these Audi S1 cars in our workshop in recent months.

With a range of remaps and tuning packages available both online and in-store, VUDU Performance provides everything you need to take your Audi S1 to the next level.

Audi S1 Remap Software

Our success in the Ford industry is well known across not just the UK but around the world, so it was natural for us to take a step in the Volkswagen and Audi group world, with the S1 being at the forefront of our minds when it came round to Audi tuning.

If you are in the market for an Audi S1 performance remap, look no further than VUDU Performance. Our work in the software industry has quickly become established across various makes and models such as those in the Ford, BMW, and Volkswagen markets, with hot hatches such as the Fiesta ST, Golf GTI, and M135i quickly becoming our personal favourites.

The calibrators have worked alongside the world's very best to bring us Audi S1 tuning software like no other. Expect power gains of up to 30% from the VUDU Stage 1 software alone!

You can see VUDU remap figures for the Audi S1 below:

  • Stock Audi S1 bhp Figures: 231bhp & 273 lbs/ft
  • Stage 1 Remap VUDU Performance Figures: 300bhp & 323 lbs/ft
  • Stage 2 Remap VUDU Performance Figures: 330bhp & 350 lbs/ft

Our Stage 1 map is designed to run on a stock vehicle, so it is not necessary to purchase any additional hardware, however, we do recommend an induction kit to get the best possible performance figures out of the stage 1 file.

Stage 2 obviously requires more hardware and we do recommend fitting a full stage 2 package to again benefit the stage 2 file. You will require an intercooler, a cat-back exhaust system, a downpipe, and an induction kit to run this software. We also recommend a muffler delete to again get the best possible results. Expect power gains of up to 45% from the VUDU Stage 2 package!

The VUDU software begins at £449 when flashed at VUDU Performance headquarters in West Yorkshire, this price also includes a dyno run where you will be able to witness the before and after results of the software flash. There is also an option to flash the map from the comfort of your own home with the use of the VUDU Tuning Tool, this comes at a price of £499 but at this price, you get the option to remove it and add the map as and when you please.

It is crucial to have your Audi S1 modified correctly with appropriate hardware as this will allow the vehicle to perform to its maximum potential. There is no point fitting cheap hardware when flashing these cars as the results will not benefit you as much as they can. An AIRTEC intercooler with a Scorpion performance exhaust system is a popular choice among tuning enthusiasts and tuners themselves, but feel free to contact a member of the team at VUDU Performance for any additional information you have may require on this.

Please note all our ECU remap software has been designed to run on 99 octane fuel.

Audi S1 Performance Hardware

From styling products such as that of an Audi S1 spoiler brought to us by Maxton Design to full stainless steel aftermarket Audi S1 exhaust systems brought to us by Milltek Sport and Scorpion Exhausts, our Audi S1 collection of products has everything you need to totally transform the looks, sound, and performance!

VUDU Performance only stocks the finest tuning products on the market to give our customers the finest possible driving experience.

Staff Top Picks

After seeing a number of these models in the workshop in recent weeks, we love the Audi S1 in yellow in particular, but we also love certain modifications to get you the best possible results.

VUDU Performance Remap Software

With stage 1 figures producing a 30% power increase over the standard model, this is an easy option to choose and with figures reaching 300bhp there is nothing better you can purchase right now to totally transform your whole experience.

Milltek Exhaust System

Featuring a stainless steel material, a unique exhaust tone like no other, and an impressive new rearview design, the Milltek option is one of our favourites when it comes to the exhaust system.

Finance Options

We have various finance options available for you to select from, you can head over to the News section of our blog to find which option is best for you, with each providing a 0% finance option and flexible payment options.

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For further details on the upgrade opportunities available for your Audi S1, contact our trained technicians in Normanton with fitting and dyno testing available should you so require.

Our team of expert technicians have had plenty of experience working on the various VAG models and the Audi S1 is certainly one of their favourites to work on.

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