Audi S1 Remap Stage 1 - VUDU Performance audi-s1-remap

Audi S1 Remap Stage 1 - VUDU Performance

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Audi S1 Remap Stage 1 - VUDU Performance.


Audi S1 Stage 1 Remap software done the VUDU Performance way! Take your car to the next level with the VUDU Stage 1 Audi S1 remap calibration, increasing both the power and torque to a formidable level.

Our Stage 1 software has been specifically designed to be run with the original hardware, meaning no additional hardware upgrades are required to support this software. Despite its already impressive stock performance figures, the guys at VUDU Performance have found a lot of potential hidden power to be unlocked in the ECU. Allowing the car to perform better with all the stock hardware.

Often seen as the younger sibling to the Audi S3 and Golf R, the Audi S1 is often overlooked and has become in itself a rare hot-hatch. Fresh out of the factory the Audi S1 has a stock performance of 231ps and 370nm, the S1 justifies its title of Hot-Hatch. The car only weighs 1300KG meaning the power to weight ratio is 126.9kw/tonne.

AUDI S1 Stage 1 Power = 300BHP

This VUDU Audi S1 Remap upgrade is the perfect option for any customer looking to take their first steps in the tuning world. Get a real feel for the power potential your car truly holds, with this one upgrade. As standard on all VUDU software this remap has endured months of development and testing to get it to the point it is at.

This Stage 1 software sees the power of the car increase by 69BHP and the torque by 70NM. Due to the small design and power increase, this car will feel as quick, if not quicker, than the MK7 Golf GTI and Skoda Octavia VRS models.

**You must be running Vpower / Tesco 99 fuel**


Get the Most out of Your Remap

If you're yearning to squeeze as much power out of your Stage 1 remap as possible, we recommend making some minor hardware upgrades that will beautifully complement the software. Firstly, we recommend to all customers upgrading their air intake alongside Stage 1 as it handles the increased demand of airflow much easier. We recommend the RacingLine Induction Kit as it is proven to provide a recognisable gain in power and lets off a stunning sounding induction noise.

Alongside the air intake, we always recommend upgrading the exhaust system. The stock exhaust is known for being rather restrictive, preventing the engine from working to the best of its ability as it is unable to release the gases quick enough. Our personal recommendation is the Cobra Sport Audi S1 Exhaust, purely for its looks, exhaust tone, and performance.

For any hardware upgrades you may need we have it covered in our Audi S1 Tuning collection.

Want More Power?

If 300BHP just isn't scratching that power itch, check out our Audi S1 Remap Stage 2 software, which will push your car even further producing a whopping 320BHP and 460Nm of torque. In order to tune your car to stage 2, you are required to upgrade your hardware. You can check out our full Audi S1 Tuning UK collection for all your hardware needs.

The VUDU Tuning Tool:

The VUDU "Home Flash" Tuning Tool allows you to remap the Audi S1 from home via the OBD using a USB cable into the programmer. The programmer is specifically allocated to the vehicle until flashed back to stock where it can then be sold on. The tool also allows the vehicle to be flashed back to standard if required and what's better is all this plus 5 tuning files can be stored on the tool. No emailing back and forth like conventional systems.

Require Fitting?

If you would like us to fit the VUDU Stage 1 Remap for the Audi S1, then get in touch with a member of the team to arrange it for you. Our expert technicians will have no problem fitting it and will allow you to have peace of mind.

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