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Hyundai i30N GPF-Delete (18-20) - Scorpion Exhaust

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Hyundai i30N GPF-Delete (18-20) - Scorpion Exhaust


This product will cause your engine management light to come up. This can be removed with a stage 2 ECU remap. This product is for Off-road use only and will fail an MOT.

Replace the restrictive GPF from your Hyundai i30N with this GPF-Delete from Scorpion Exhausts UK. The GPF is a secondary filter, designed to reduce the number of emissions released from your car. The downside is they are very restrictive and can cause backup between the engine and the GPF.

When venturing into Hyundai i30N tuning you will come to remapping your car. In doing so the engine works harder and needs to release more gases. This GPF prevents your engine from performing at maximum efficiency.

Removing this pipe allows more gases to pass through the system at a higher rate, providing an increase in power and exhaust noise. This GPF-Delete is available as both a resonated and non-resonated system. The difference between the two systems is noticed when listening to the exhaust note. the non-resonated pipe is a straight pipe that delivers a raw, louder exhaust tone. The resonated option features an echo chamber that removes from of the frequencies and reduces provides are quieter exhaust tone compared to the non-res pipe.


  • Increased power and performance
  • Direct replacement for the OEM pipe
  • 3" diameter pipework for ultimate airflow
  • Available in a choice of resonated and non-resonated.

Transform your drive with our Hyundai i30N Exhaust System range.

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