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Hyundai i30N Induction Kit Enclosed CAIS - ITG Filters

£288.00 inc. VAT £240.00 excl. VAT

Hyundai i30N Induction Kit CAIS - ITG Filters

ITG Filters have been running the market with their incredible Induction systems, delivering the best performance results across the market. The Hyundai i30N ITG Induction Kit is no exception to their incredible range.

The I30N Cold-Air Intake System features an enclosed airbox that ensures the engine is fed by an increased flow of cold, dense air, resulting in optimum power and performance. Compared to the restrictive OE airbox, the ITG kit features an enlarged Tri-Foam air filter that dramatically increases the airflow.

The remarkable engineers at ITG have designed this i30N induction kit to increase airflow in a number of key ways. Firstly, it routes airflow mire directly and efficiently towards the engine. Secondly, the aluminium airbox prevents excess heat from being expelled from the engine interfering with the intake temperatures, ensuring your engine only receives dense air, creating more power more efficiently.


- Enclosed Airbox for colder intake temperatures

- Enlarged filter head for improved airflow

- Tri-foam filter ensuring maximum filtration and ultimate airflow

- Improves the power and throttle response

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