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MINI Cooper S / JCW Valved Non-Res Cat-Back - Milltek Sport

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MINI Cooper S / JCW Valved Non-Res Cat-Back - Milltek Sport


If you're looking for a MINI Cooper S / JCW F56 Exhaust system that can be subtle during everyday driving but can open up and unlock the full range of fury at a switch of a button, then this is the system for you. What makes this exhaust unique is its Bluetooth valve control, which allows the user to adjust the tone and volume of the exhaust.

Constructed from the highest-quality 304L 'Aircraft' Grade Stainless Steel, this Milltek Sport Exhaust is designed to survive even the harshest of driving conditions. This exhaust features a non-resonated centre section, allowing the full exhaust tone range to be expressed. When the valves are closed the tone is muffled, brilliant for everyday driving.

Available with a huge choice of tip finish, you can customise this exhaust to suit your style.


- User-controlled exhaust tone

- 70mm (2.75") Pipework Diameter

- Constructed from 304L “Aircraft” Grade stainless steel

- Amplified exhaust tone

- Bluetooth valve control

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