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MINI Cooper S Remap Stage 2 Software - VUDU Performance

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F56 MINI Cooper S Stage 2 Remap Software - VUDU Performance


MINI Cooper S Stage 2 Software done the VUDU Performance Way! Our VUDU Performance Stage 2 software offers you an incredible opportunity to take your MINI to the penultimate level of tuning. Our VUDU Software is in high demand and has expanded into the MINI Cooper market, delivering mouthwatering power gains, whilst still maintaining that OEM driving feel.

We have covered 100's of road miles and DYNO hours fine-tuning our software before we signed it off to hit the market. All our software is designed with engine safety at the heart of development. We heavily road test our software and compromise none of the engine safety features, ensuring you have peace of mind.

Our F56 MINI Cooper S Remap Stage 1 software has been incredibly popular with customers taking their first steps into the world of tuning. Our Stage 2 calibrations are perfect for those tuning enthusiasts, ready to take their Cooper S to the next level.

MINI Cooper S Stage 2 Remap Figures:

Stock Power: 192BHP / 206lbs/ft

Stage 2 Figures: 290-300BHP / 320lbs/ft

The VUDU Performance Stage 2 is the perfect middle point of tuning, equipping hardware and software to deliver the most power from the stock turbo.

**You must be running Vpower or Tesco 99 fuel.**


Stage 2 Hardware:

Unlike our Stage 1 software, you are required to run certain hardware to support Stage 2 power figures. We do have a MINI Cooper S Remap Stage 2 Tuning Package that features all our hardware recommendations in order to reach Stage 2.

Air Intake Upgrade

Often paired with a Stage 1 upgrade, an air intake modification is required. The stock airbox is not capable of providing the sufficient airflow required to reach stage 2 figures due. We recommend upgrading to the RAMAIR Induction Kit or AIRTEC Induction kit. Both of these air intakes have a larger surface area, designed to increase the airflow to the engine.

Exhaust Upgrade

In order to reach Stage 2, you will be required to upgrade the downpipe of the turbo at the least. The stock catalytic converter is extremely restrictive and prevents the engine from working to its potential. You have the option of swapping it for a Sports-Cat or a decat, depending on your preference. If your vehicle is post-2019 then it will feature a GPF that will need removing.

Along with the downpipe we recommend upgrading the Cat-back system, as aftermarket exhausts feature an enlarged diameter that complements the downpipe in removing gases. We can supply a huge range of MINI Cooper S Exhaust Systems.

Intercooler Upgrade

The last essential hardware upgrade for Stage 2 is an aftermarket intercooler. We highly recommend the VUDU MINI Cooper S F56 Intercooler, as we have personally tested this intercooler alongside our software on the road and on our DYNO. The VUDU Intercooler features a 50% increase in frontal surface area that allows it to hold a higher volume of boost for more efficient cooling.

Require Fitting?

If you would like us to fit the VUDU Performance Remap Stage 2 for the MINI Cooper S F56, get in touch with a team member to arrange it for you. Our expert technicians will have no problem fitting it and will allow you to have peace of mind.

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