VTF400R Hybrid Turbo for the Ford Focus ST225 VTF400R Hybrid Turbo for the Ford Focus ST225 VTF400R Hybrid Turbo for the Ford Focus ST225 VTF400R Hybrid Turbo for the Ford Focus ST225 VTF400R Hybrid Turbo Dyno Graph for the Ford Focus ST225 Mk2

VTF420R Hybrid Turbo - Ford Focus ST225 Mk2

£1,299.00 inc. VAT £1,082.50 excl. VAT

The Ford Focus ST225 Stage 4 tuning just went VUDU with this all new 420bhp capable hybrid turbo unit.

AET Turbos have been building some of the finest hybrid turbochargers for the last 40+ years and this calibration with VUDU Performance for the Stage 4 remap software will ensure you wont get a better result from your Focus ST225.

The VTF420R has been developed in house drawing on years of Turbocharging experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the finest remapping software. This turbo is available with the option of a remap and dyno session. We can also fit the turbo in our state of the art facility using our fully qualified technicians.

The 5 pot Ford Focus Mk2 has been groundbreaking and the market continues to grow years down the line. Now with the arrival of VUDU Performance and the VUDU Ford Focus tuning packages this awesome Ford can be made even faster.

See how the VFT420R Hybrid Turbo performed on a customer's Focus ST225 Mk2 on our very own Dynapack below:

VTF400R Hybrid Turbo Dyno Graph


  • Bespoke 62mm Billet 7 blade compressor wheel (45Lb/Min)
  • Upgraded K16 turbine wheel with 7 deg cutback exducer blade. (high flow at high RPM)
  • In house CNC machined and flowed compressor cover
  • Ported inlet and outlet compressor cover
  • VUDU Spec modified seal plate
  • VUDU bespoke Motorsport large pad 360 thrust assembly
  • Total seal turbine piston ring.
  • CNC port matched turbine inlet and manifold runners for ultimate flow.
  • Optional Turbosmart IWG75 and Turbosmart DP/Recirc valve

See the below video created on the VUDU Garage YouTube of the VUDU Performance team supplying, fitting and mapping the hybrid turbo to one lucky customer's Focus ST. This particular Focus ST had a block mod but running standard internals and was still making an impressive 390bhp.

Car Mod List:

  • AIRTEC GRP A Induction Kit
  • 750cc Injector Kit
  • Stage 4 Hybrid Turbo

Require a Fitting?

VUDU Performance have a team of trained technicians on hand to deal with any fitting inquiries that you require.

Please contact the team to discuss fitting the Hybrid Turbo Package with the mapping options available to you for your Ford Focus ST225.

Call or Email to discuss:
Tel: 01924 228042 | Email: sales@vuduperformance.com

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