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VW Golf R Mk6 Stage 2 Remap Software - VUDU Performance

£499.00 inc. VAT £415.83 excl. VAT

VUDU Stage 2 Remap Software For The VW Golf R Mk6

Our VUDU Ultimate Stage 2 Remap Software provides an insane amount of power you didn't think was possible from your Mk6 VW Golf R.

Our recent venture into the VAG tuning market has seen us work with some of the leading software and hardware manufacturers in the world. This great knowledge has enabled us to create our very own VUDU Ultimate Stage 2 Remap Software to offer the finest automotive upgrades on the VAG market.

VUDU Stage 2 Figures In The Region Of 436-446bhp!!

Appropriate hardware is required to run this Stage 2 Software. This includes:

Milltek Non Res Polished Race System:

The 3" Milltek Sport Non Resonated Race System replaces the standard cat back exhaust system on the Mk6 VW Golf R. Each Milltek Sport exhaust system is manufactured in only the finest Type 304 stainless steel material to guarantee you the signature quality that a Milltek Sport Exhaust System produces. Dual GT100 Polished Tips included, should you require different colour tips then please get in contact with a member of the team at VUDU Performance so we can work out the difference in price.

Milltek Sport Part Number: SSXVW218

Milltek Decat Downpipe:

The Milltek Sport Decat Downpipe is another fine example of Milltek Sport's signature exhaust quality. Designed specifically for the the 3" Race System included, the Milltek Sport Decat replaces the catalyst on the Mk6 VW Golf R to provide the ultimate flow rate.

Milltek Sport Part Number: SSXVW216

Autotech High Pressure Fuel Pump:

The Autotech High Pressure Fuel Pump also provides an approximate 50% higher flow rate compared to the stock pump, even on the highest of tuning upgrades like our own VUDU Ultimate Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package.

Meth Injection Kit:

The AEM Methanol Injection Kit ensures for the ideal amount of methanol injection flow on the manifold pressure using an on-board MAP sensor. The Injection Kit has been expertly developed by AEM to develop the controller's flow control strategy, this allows for a better match to the engine's needs to further optimize the charge air cooling and detonation control.

Racingline Intake System:

The Racingline Performance Intake System delivers cold air through to the Golf R engine via a large free-flowing intake pipe. This keeps even the highest of tuned Golf R models cool, allowing it to perform to it's maximum without any overheating problems occurring.

See the results of the VW Golf R Mk6 Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package fitted along with the VT430 Hybrid Turbo on this customer's vehicle in the YouTube clip from VUDU Garage below:

Require a Fitting?

Please get in contact with the team at VUDU Performance to get booked in for the Stage 2 software flashed to your Mk6 VW Golf R at your earliest convenience.

Our team of expert technicians at VUDU Performance have worked on a number of different VW Golf R vehicles in recent months and will have no problem completing the whole fitting.

Before and after dyno testing included in the fitting price.

Finance Options Available:

Finance options are available from as little as £6.48 per month! To apply for finance please select the Apply For Finance option when checking out the Stage 2 Tuning Package.

Call or Email to discuss:
Tel: 01924 228042 | Email: sales@vuduperformance.com

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