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VUDU Fiesta ST

Tony is a born petrol head, which, from the look and style of his Fiesta ST180, is there for the whole world to see!

Tony's love for cars started off at a very young age and this love has remained with him for his entire life. From stripping down his motorcycles to starting off life as a mechanic at just 17 years old, you could definetly say Tony has been there and seen it all.

Kicking off with a Mk1 Ford Escort as his first car back in 1985, Tony has owned over 35 vehicles from motorcycles, to quad bikes to his aptly named VUDU Fiesta ST. Even today, in his early 50's, there is no sign of Tony taking his foot of the gas anytime soon!

Tony is a longstanding customer of VUDU Performance with all his Fiesta ST performance upgrade modifications purchased through ourselves, so when he applied to become an VUDU Brand Ambassador we were more than happy to bring him on board.

You can view his full list of perfromance upgrades in the list below.

Mk7 Fiesta ST Performance Upgrades:

VUDU Fiesta ST

Mk7 Fiesta ST Aestheitic Modifications:

Tony's tuning journey is not finished just yet! You can follow all his progress on his Fiesta ST180 build via his personal Instagram @tony.vudu. You can also use Tony's personal Discount Code: TD5 for a discount on your Fiesta ST orders!

VUDU Fiesta ST



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