Fiesta ST MK7 Top 5 Mods

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Ford Fiesta MK7 Mods

On a daily basis, the team here at VUDU Performance are often asked, where would be the first place to start adding modifications to their Fiesta ST180. So in this addition to the Drivers Information Hub section of our blog, we look at the top 5 modifications available for the Ford Fiesta ST Mk7.

#1 Fiesta ST MK7 Engine Mount

Fiesta ST Engine Mount

The Fiesta ST engine mount from stock, across all models, has been known for its terrible quality cast housing and weak rubber internals. The Fiesta ST is a super mini or hot hatch in all our eyes, but Ford still must make the Fiesta Mk7 a car that is comfortable to drive to the shops….

This is not exactly what us car modifying enthusiasts want from our fast Ford ST which is why we would look to install an uprated engine mount. This makes the Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost engine move less when under load delivering all its 4cyl turbocharged engine power through the wheels to the road. The stock Ford Fiesta ST engine mounts are prone to failure either through snapping the casting or destroying the rubber securing the engine to the chassis.

Our range of upgraded engine mounts offer everything from a billet engine mount housing which consists of 7075 aluminium. The Powerflex designed engine mount bushes and stunning looks from our VUDU Performance engine mounts are now available for both Fiesta ST Mk7 and Fiesta ST Mk8.

#2 Fiesta ST Remap

VUDU Remap

If you have not already thought about a Fiesta ST remap software then you are probably looking at the wrong website. We have a full range of stage 1 remaps right through to full stage 3 hybrid turbo kits, but a great starting point is the VUDU Performance remap to Stage 1+ VP235. This makes the Ford Fiesta come to life with a huge increase in power figures and torque figures to give the feisty Fiesta a new lease of life.

We have options to flash your Fiesta remap at home or at our facility in West Yorkshire. No matter if it is a stage 2 remap or full car build, we have that covered.

Our range of Ford remaps have been some of the most popular remapping options on the market for several years and we are consistently updating our software to ensure our remap packages are at the front of the pack, not only in performance but reliability and drive ability.

This little brother hot hatch to the Ford Focus ST, the Fiesta is absolutely no slouch when our tuning package is applied to such a small car, with optimum weight and high stability the car becomes an absolute riot.

#3 Fiesta ST Short Shifter

Fiesta ST Short Shift

The gear throws on the Fiesta are appealing with a sporty feel but it is just a little sloppy for the true tuning enthusiast, with gear changes a little long and somewhat less encouraging in the middle of the gear gate. We believe a cost-effective mod for the Fiesta ST must be the easily installed Ford Fiesta ST short shifter, which again comes from our sister company VUDU Performance.

Unlike other available short shifters on the market, this unit is not only a fraction of the price and an easy DIY install to do at home, but it also feels amazing during quick shift gear changes making the car so much more fun to drive.

With two options of shortening the throw, this is a well-engineered Fiesta short shift with stunning design which is CNC machined from billet aluminium These are available for the Fiesta ST Mk8 and Fiesta ST Mk7, click the title to be linked directly to the product.

#4 Fiesta ST Recirc Valve

Fiesta ST Blow Off Valve

Don't we all love the sound of a dump valve? Not only does a blow off valve have us feeling like a group B rally driver but it offers some amazing improvements over the stock recirculating valve. Offering greater boost pressure and holding the boost from the turbo more effectively for longer periods of time.

Lots of the new small engine turbocharged Fiesta ST models we are seeing today use a weak and prone to fatigue, plastic style diverter valve which can fail much quicker than you would expect, especially when under pressure and heat from a remap.

This problem can be cured with the likes of the Turbosmart BOV or forge dump valve, which are designed specifically for car enthusiasts with either stock or remapped cars alike. They often use a design which has a position spring ensuring perfect feedback to the ECU or in the case of a Turbosmart BOV use boost pressure to seal the valve and give extra stability and power, all whilst making a lovely rally car style sound.

Couple a dump valve with an open-ended induction kit to get the best results.

#5 Ford Fiesta MK7 Exhaust

Fiesta ST exhaust

If you have not already noticed the Fiesta ST exhaust is not exactly all inspiring. The little 1.6 EcoBoost engine really is a thing of beauty with its now updated air filters and dump valves but at the back its somewhat let down by its exhaust system and we are sure you would agree. With an upgraded exhaust you not only let the EcoBoost engine breathe far greater while increasing the sound to something more appealing to the fast Ford fans ear.

We have a range of performance exhausts systems available from Milltek exhausts, Scorpion exhausts and Cobra Sport exhausts which all sound amazing but all in their own ways. We will explain a little below for what each brand exhaust sounds like.

Cobra Sport Exhaust UK:-

The Cobra Sport exhaust range is extensive and sounds amazing. It is certainly one for the taste of a louder and deeper tone, especially if opting for the non-resonated exhaust option or for the super brave, you may decide on the Cobra exhausts UK venom range.

Milltek Sport Exhaust:-

Milltek exhausts have been at the front of aftermarket performance exhaust system manufacturer for some years, they again are made in the UK by some very skilled engineers who spend hours of time in development to get the best sounding exhausts for every make and model whether that be a Focus RS, Fiesta ST, or a Lamborghini Gallardo.

We personally favour the Fiesta ST Mk7 Milltek Non-Resonated Race Exhaust.

Scorpion Exhausts:-

The range of Scorpion exhausts truly are fantastic! Their endeavor into car exhausts market has been a slam dunk with a stunning range of resonated exhausts as well as non-resonated exhausts, downpipes and much more. With what they have learned at Scorpion, manufacturing the range of red power motorbike exhausts it is no surprise they are so popular.

We think the Scorpion exhaust is the happy medium for the user looking for a middle range deep and distinctive tone where you will find something sporty but classic at the same time.

Finance options are available throughout our online store with fitting available at our remap and fitting centre based in West Yorkshire.

Regulated by the financial conduct authority, we can provide finance through Clearpay, Snap Finance or Duologi finance. You can read more about each finance options via our news section of our blog.

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For any information about our VUDU Performance software and Performance Parts, make sure to please contact us via phone, email or through our website. Our team of experts will be able to guide in the correct direction regarding any questions that you have for us. We look forward to hearing your questions in the future about your Ford Fiesta Remap Software or any other mods.



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