The Top 7 Fiesta MK8 Mods

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Fiesta ST Mk8 Mods

The range topping Fiesta ST MK8 has big boots to fill, left behind by the previous generation Fiesta MK7 ST180, that was the number one choice for all Fast Ford tuning fanatics.

With its 1.5 Litre, 3cyl EcoBoost engine and upgraded chassis the new MK8 Fiesta really is the driver's car we have all come to expect. Now with an amazing selection of MK8 Fiesta ST Mods on the market you can tune your Fiesta ST MK8 to your heart's desire.

As one of the country's most regarded Ford Fiesta tuners we have developed Ford tuning products for both the Fiesta ST180 MK7 and the latest model, so we felt it necessary to offer up our comprehensive list of Top 7 Ford Fiesta MK8 Mods.

MK8 Fiesta Remap

We have multiple levels of Ford Fiesta ST MK8 remaps starting with our market leading VUDU Performance Fiesta ST MK8 stage 1 remap. Designed to extract the optimum performance from your stock MK8 Fiesta known as the VP245, this MK8 Fiesta Remap increases boost and timing to optimise the output of the car to an expected 240 - 245bhp and 250Ib of torque.

If you don't want to go as far as a full cold air induction kit you can opt for the quiet and still very effective Ford Fiesta ST MK8 air filter upgrade. This drop in air filter will reduce intake temperatures and flow considerably better than the OEM air filter meaning a bigger volume of air can pass into the engine, we typically see an increase of 3-7hp just with an air filter upgradeFiesta ST Mk8 Induction Kit

MK8 Fiesta ST Intercoolers

A reduction in charge temps passing pressured air into the engine is a sure-fire way to meet target boost and ignition timing after a remap, but during the summer months this can also be the case on a stock calibration. The installation of a performance front mount intercooler has been a secure and unfailing way to make power for years and the latest options for the Fiesta are superb.

AIRTEC Intercooler Fiesta ST MK8

The AIRTEC intercooler for the Fiesta MK8 ST is a fantastic option, offering a bar and plate construction with a dense core, meaning heat soak takes a longer time to occur. This MK8 intercooler is a direct fit without the requirement for any cutting or drilling. With an anticipated reduction of charge temperatures of up to 20 degrees this Fiesta intercooler will work perfectly on a stock car but will be more effective on a remapped car.

VUDU Performance Fiesta MK8 Intercooler

Our sister company VUDU Performance never compromises on quality, and this shows in this MK8 ST intercooler option. With a full height core capturing cold air from as much frontal capacity as possible, along with an internal flow design that offers maximum efficiency, there is no doubt that this intercooler offers the best performance on the market today. With its OEM style connectors and simple mounting procedure this intercooler is so simple to fit it can be done at home in less than an hour.

Keeping charge temperatures within just a couple of degrees of ambient temperature and a solid flow path into the engine for maximum effectiveness.

Fietsa ST Mk8 Intercooler

Ford Fiesta MK8 Interior Accessories

A crowd favourite, Fiesta ST MK8 interior mods are already one of our most popular modifications, with everything included from carpet mats to gear knobs and all things in between. VUDU Performance has some amazing mods to make the interior of your Fiesta stand out from the rest!

Ford Fiesta MK8 Car Mats

Made from premium automotive carpet, the amazing VUDU Performance car mats and matching boot liners offer a sleek upgrade but with functional purpose.

Fiesta MK8 Gear Knob

VUDU Performance bring the looks with the ST MK8 weighted gear knob. Full aerospace grade billet aluminium and a perfectly balanced design for optimised shifts, this is the interior mod to have.

Fiesta ST Mk8 Gear Knob

Fiesta ST MK8 Exhaust Systems

Almost certainly one of the first jobs on the mind of the new MK8 ST owner is to upgrade its exhaust system the stock exhaust, which is not only restrictive but also kills the sound that most car enthusiasts really want to hear. With that in mind we have selected two of our most favourite exhaust systems below.

Milltek Exhaust Fiesta ST MK8

Milltek Sport exhaust's stainless steel exhaust systems are known for their quality and distinctive sound, this is amplified on the new Fiesta ST due to the GPF dulling the engine note from stock. Our favourite is the Milltek race non-resonated cat back which sounds crisp and clean in its tone and is very simple to fit.

Fiesta ST MK8 Cobra Exhausts

For the more abrupt taste, this deep sounding GPF back exhaust system sounds great and has multiple tip options that are made by Cobra Sport Exhausts themselves in Sheffield. We have used this exhaust system on many occasions and its three-inch design means it's great for flow with a distinctively deep exhaust note.

Fiesta ST Mk8 Exhaust

Maxton Design Splitter Kits

Maxton design has been leading the game for body kit enhancements for the Fiesta MK8 ST. Since its launch, Maxton has invested in their own MK8 ST demo car to develop an amazing range of front splitters, side skirts and rear spoiler lips. The full splitter kit, including the rear diffuser, is always a popular option and makes the car look so much more planted and aggressive.Fiesta ST Mk8 Body Kit

Fiesta MK8 Lowering Springs

Having a supermini that looks like it's too high completely spoils the look of the car. Getting the chassis lower with the use of some lowering springs and possibly spacers give the MK8 ST a far more aggressive look and offers a superb increase in cornering grip and stability. Coupled with the above-mentioned Maxton Design splitters the Fiesta ST MK8 lowering spring kits make for a stunning overall visual look with massively improved performance.

Fiesta ST Mk8 Eibach Springs

Want To Discuss Further?

In conclusion, we hope this comprehensive MK8 Fiesta mods list has been useful. Should you wish to have any of the parts fitted that you can see in this article, then please contact our garage team in Wakefield using the Contact Us page for a bespoke quotation.



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